Monday, December 11, 2017

Fairbanks for the Winter😱 Week #86 12/11/2017

Hey family and friends ☺️

So it has been another busy week here in Juneau Alaska. We have been working hard to prepare for transfers. Things are going great in the work here is going really well. This Christmas in the Alaska Anchorage mission we are trying to have every companionship have a baptism for the month of December so we have been working hard to try and do that. The weather here has been awesome it’s been really warm ranging from about 40 to 50°

So obviously the big news for this week is that we got our transfer calls on Friday. I found out that I will be headed to Fairbanks for this winter. And it will most likely be my last area. I am super excited to head up north because I have never been up there. I feel blessed because in my mission I’ve been able to see lots of cool areas and to serve and do some unique things. Up in Fairbanks I will be able to see the northern lights quite often and the weather there I have heard that it reaches below -50°

Where I will be living will be in a small town called North Pole just outside of Fairbanks I’m super excited because it is like the Christmas capital of the world. The whole town is themed after Christmas the light poles look like candy canes and Santa has a workshop up there and they even have reindeer. So Christmas this year should be exciting. I have heard lots of awesome things about Fairbanks and super excited to be going up there my next companion will be Elder birth and I have only heard good things about him I have never met him but I’m excited too.

Things have been really awesome for me lately and I am excited for the work and to finish my mission Strong I have 4 1/2 months left and that blows my mind.

So last week we had MLC. It was an awesome meeting we were introduced to the new smart phone so that we will be having and they have been a blessing is awesome because now we have Internet wherever we go and we can help people and share the gospel whenever we need to not just when we’re at the churches. We also learned a lot of new things on how the mission is trying to change the culture and how we are trying to improve on how we can better find teach and baptize. It was an awesome meeting but I was super tired because we flew down there we’re there for the meeting for eight hours and then we turned around and flew back by the time we got back to Juneau we were pooped.

Well that is all I have for this week I hope that you all have an amazing week and remember the true meaning of Christmas and focus on how you can share the light of the world with others.

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission 

Monday, December 4, 2017

‘Tis the Season πŸŽ„ ❄️ Week #85 12/04/2017

Hey Family

OK wow I cannot believe it’s been another week already. Things have been going really good for me this last week. There has been a lot of stuff going on with Christmas and the #LightTheWorld.

Juneau Has the craziest weather that I think I have ever seen on my mission it snows and we get probably a few inches and then it will rain and turn to straight ice. The rain also is like super cold so when it hits your face it is really annoying. I have never seen the weather be so back-and-forth before but it’s pretty cool I guess.

So this week is been super busy we started off last Monday with all the missionaries coming into town for zone conference on Tuesday. After everyone got in on Monday we started interviews with the missionaries with our mission president. That went really well and then we came back and everybody stayed at the trailer that night so it was kind of crazy we had 16 missionaries sleeping in the trailer. We had a lot of fun.

So Tuesday morning my companion and I gave a training on Christlike attributes to all the missionaries it went really well and then for the rest of the conference the missionaries in our zone got trained on Facebook and now everyone in our zone is using Facebook and It has been a blessing in our mission. It was really chill for us because we had already received training at MLC and so we basically just hung around for the day and helped out where we could.

Then on Wednesday it was just as busy most of the missionaries flew out that morning but Ketchikan missionaries stayed in Juneau and we did exchanges with them for that day and it was a lot of fun I got to work with Elder Maxfield and we were able to share the light the world and me a lot of people. It was a super awesome day and then on Thursday we sent them home.

Finally Thursday came in all the missionaries were back in their areas and it felt like we could finally take a breath. I love zone conferences but man they really stress me out o was really glad to just be back and doing missionary work.

This next week it’s going to be kind of crazy to tomorrow we fly out to Anchorage for MLC. It kind of sucks because we will be there for less than 24 hours and so it’s a lot of traveling and not a lot of time so it always makes me super tired.

On another note this Friday we get our transfer calls i’m curious to see how that’s going to play out.

But like I said things are going really good for me I love Juneau and the opportunity of I’ve had to serve here and maybe continue to serve here. I hope you all have a great week I love and miss you all.

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Juneau ➡️ Wrangell Week #84

So it’s been a super good week. I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and ate lots of good food and got to spend it with family πŸ¦ƒ 

This week has been awesome. The best part was on Tuesday we boarded a plane and went to Wrangell Alaska. Wrangell is a small island in southeast Alaska. It was a town with about 2,000 people. It reminded me a lot of Cordova. 

So the reason that we went down to wrangle Alaska was to scope the missionary work that is been going on down there. From there we were able to meet lots of people who are interested in learning more about the gospel. It was a lot of fun we were able to meet a lot of people and to share the gospel and find people to take the missionary discussions. 

It was really cool because they don’t have a vehicle down in Ringle so we were able to borrow our branch Mission leaders truck.  So for the week that we were there we got to drive his Ford F2 50 around and that was a lot of fun. 

Thanksgiving was awesome we spent it with the Wilson family and were able to eat lots of good food and able to meet and talk to the family I was a little awkward because we had just met them that week but they were very welcoming and it was awesome. They also invited nonmember family and was able to introduce them to the Gospel. Then on Sunday even made it to church. 

Church was awesome on Sunday they were nine non-members that were able to make it. We are super excited to report to our mission president about the work that is been going on down there and hopefully get missionaries there as soon as possible. There is lots of work to be done. And we are just hoping that we can get missionaries there very soon because the people that really want them and they love the missionaries and it will be good for them to have them.

This week has been really good week hope that you all have a happy holidays and are looking forward to the Christmas season and to the new church initiative to light the world. 

Sorry that I’m getting this email out to you guys so late we just flew in today from wrangle and landed about 1 o’clock in the afternoon and now we were able to get a haircut and get our laundry done and now we are preparing for missionaries to come in to Juneau because tomorrow we have a big zone conference and we are preparing t sorry that I’m getting this email out to you guys so late we just flew in today from wrangle and landed about 1 o’clock in the afternoon and now we were able to get a haircut and get our laundry done and now we are preparing for missionaries to come in to Juneau because tomorrow we have a big zone conference. 

So today in this whole week has been super busy and next week should be busy as well so we are excited and the missionary work is going great. I love you all have a great week

Love always 

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission
with my Companion Elder Kapeliela 

church we stayed at in Wrangell 

you can see the ocean from the church we stayed in. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Let it Snow ❄️ Week #83 11.20.17

Family and Friends!

So it’s been another good week here in Juneau and it’s getting colder and colder... the temperature has mostly been down in the teens and it’s getting lower and lower each day. Super cold haha but last year the coldest I saw was -26 so I’m not ready for that. So far it has been just snowing buckets and doesn’t seem to quit. We have probably gotten close to 2 feet of snow this last week.

This week has been really good though. We did a service putting together thanksgiving bags for families that need it at a helping Hands facility here in Juneau. It was a lot of fun. I love getting out and doing service we also helped out at the local food drive. We just sat there and handed out cards with the information on it haha kinda lame but we actually talked with quite a few people. It was good exposure, plus we were on the radio soo that was cool 😎 

We have two baptisms coming up this next week the the other Elders in our ward have mainly been working with but were going to miss it because My companion and I are going to Wrangell to hopefully teach some people. Our mission President has us call all the branch Presidents in the small islands throughout southeast Alaska and if there is work we go down there and visit and based on how it goes if there is work we talk with our mission President and decide if it’s worth it to send missionaries there. So we are leaving this Tuesday and we will get back next Monday.So that will be a cool experience. 

Umm as far as teaching goes we are working with this lady named Tamara Howard she is awesome. Her grandma is a member and we were able to give her a tour of the chapel and then we taught her about the Book of Mormon and she said that she would read and pray about it. We are super excited. It might be a slow teaching process but we are excited for her! 

Anyway that’s about all I got for this week! Hope you all have a good Thanksgiving and eat lots of food. Love you all

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission 

This is a pic of my current Companion and myself way back when I was in Wasilla. We were in the same district haha and now we are comps pretty cool.

Ps sorry I didn’t take any other photos this week!

Monday, November 13, 2017

REAL EYES πŸ‘€, REALIZE, REAL LIES πŸ˜† Week #82 11.13.17

Hey everybody it’s been another exciting week here in Alaska! It finally snowed here in Juneau and we got buckets. It’s been awesome. I love the snow mostly because it’s not rain haha! Things are great though it’s getting colder and colder and darker and darker but this year I what to expect so I’m not to worried...

So as everyone has already noticed our mission just approved for us to have Facebook. So at MLC we all got trained and we have been using it. I’m still super confused on how to use it for proselyting, but it’s been a learning experience.  It was super weird to get on Facebook and see all the people and how different everyone’s lives are so different. Also feel like everybody is getting married haha super weird.  Facebook is awesome super exciting to be able to use this tool to further the work along and help people to learn more about Christ.

The work here in Juneau is awesome. We have three people on date for baptism here in our ward and things are really good. We have been super busy lately with teaching and finding new people to teach as well with all the political stuff and putting trainings together for Zone Conference and for our other meetings. 

Not a lot other than that has been going on. Umm things are really good though and we are trying to stay busy even during the winter but we are super excited for somethings coming up for the holidays. 

Well I love you all and hope you have a good week.

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Life in the AK🏞 Week #81 11/06/2017

Hey so things have been really good. This last week has been like all sunshine until today it has been really cloudy today, Of course on P Day it gets all cloudy and cold. It’s all good though we heard it’s supposed to snow soon. That’s what I am hoping for anyway.

So we had daylight savings and now it gets dark about 4 to 4:30 which is super depressing. But it’s okay. 

This has been a super good week though. We had transfers and my New Companion is Elder Kapeliela and it has been awesome. Such a good missionary. He’s half Tongan and half Hawaiian 🌺. He Is really cool. We have a lot of fun. He is way laid back. 

This week we had stake conference and our mission president came to Juneau so that was cool. We got to listen to him speak and we got to spend some time with him. I Love President Toone. 

Right now the work is good. We are try to find some more people to teach and our ward Mission leader is helping us out a lot. So we are excited and hoping that we can help some more people.

Sorry there’s not really a whole lot that went on this week! I hope that you all have a great week. 
Love always
Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tongan Parties πŸ’― and King Crab πŸ¦€ Week # 80 10/30/2017

Hey Fam

So it’s been another week and it’s still rainy.... we did get like two days of sunshine but at the same time the fog was pretty gnarly soo it wasn’t to different haha! It’s been an awesome week tho it’s starting to get darker and darker but still no snow yet. I’m rea

dy for the snow so it’ll stop raining ❄️ 

The week was pretty plain Jane. Even on Monday it was raining super hard so we just kicked it with the district at the church and played games.  It was actually a lot of fun. 

The rest of the week was good. We had some really good lessons and am working on the potentials we have and preparing them for baptism. The work here is so good. Our ward Mission leader is insane and is so good at his calling. Yesterday in church we were talking about a potential and I was like when would be a good time that we could visit her? And he was like “no.. I will visit here and will let you know”. He knows how to fellowship and make friends. This guy is amazing.  

Soo big news this week we got our transfers calls. The power Duo Hunter&Gentry is over haha seriously going to miss that guy. We had a blast and probably the quickest 3 months of my mission. Elder Hunter is going to Anchorage to serve in the Klatt ward and I am of coarse staying and my new Companion is Elder Kapeliela. He is a way good missionary and a super nice guy. He is awesome he was in my first district when I first came out on my mission. He’s a stud so I’m super stoked for this next transfer. It’s going to be a lot of fun. 

So yesterday we had a sweet lesson over Skype. There is a girl named Alice in Petersburg which is an island in south East Alaska and we have missionaries going there next week but in the mean time Elder Hunter and I have been teaching here. Super cool to have a lesson with the technology and you can still feel the spirit super strong.  Teaching that lesson I realized how well Elder Hunter and I teach together so I’m going to miss that. 

Also one of the big highlights from this week was the primary program on Sunday. So awesome to see the kids sing and do their parts. There was this little Tongan girl who sang I feel my saviors love and man it was sweet. Also the family that we just baptized Allie and her kids. They were all involved and while her kids were up there doing their thing it was so nice to see Allie and watch her watching her kids she was so happy and emotional. Families are forever it was an awesome experience. 

As far as the subject line goes there is a kid out here that is preparing to go on his mission and he gave his farewell talk and then later they had a party and oh man was it a party. I love the Tongan culture. So much food it was insane. Then they make what is called oti (o-tie) it’s like a fruit drink that still has chunks in it soo yummy. Then there was salmon and shrimp and king crab. Oh my goodness these crabs are huge I have pictures just so you can see. Pretty sure I’ll never be able to eat sea food again unless I’m in Alaska because I have eaten the best in the world. So good. Lots of Tongan food as well so you know I over indulged haha I’m getting super fat since being here In this ward.

Well that’s all o have this week. I’m excited for the upcoming transfer and all the new memories. I hope that you all have a good week. Love you

Love always 
Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission