Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Restless 😏 Week #65 7/17/17

So this week has been crazy, but super fun. We have been busy and
doing all sorts of things. In short this week was pretty awesome πŸ‘

So the beginning of the week was pretty slow,  it on Tuesday we had a
lesson with this sweet lady named Adele and she's awesome. We had
dinner over at our Branch Presidents and then afterwards we taught the
restoration and put her on date for baptism on August 12! This was
probably the most spiritual lesson I've had on my mission it was
amazing. I'm excited to teach and prepare her for her baptism. So that
was on Tuesday....

Then on Wednesday we went and did our normal Bingo service at the old
people home and my homie Joe lost again. Haha he never wins I feel bad
but he takes it like a champ, he also thinks everyone else cheats so
his comments are hilarious. Later that night we had our lesson with
Carrie and she's doing amazing we finished the lessons now and this
week we are going to prepare her for her baptismal interview. I'm so
excited. She's so ready and she even bought a really nice dress for her
baptism..... exciting things going on here in Whitehorse haha

Thursday we went to the Salvation Army and served food and then had a
lesson with less active girl and it went good a little awkward but in
all it was good. After that we filled up the car and left for Skagway
because we had Zone Conference in Juneau this week. The drive was so
pretty like I feel like I can't even explain it's so amazing. Anyway
we saw another bear which was cool. Once we got to Skagway our flight
got cancelled so we booked another a couple hours later so we walked
around and talked to a lot of cool people getting of the cruise ships
in Skagway. Eventually we got on our little 10 seater bush plane and
headed for Juneau.

Friday was awesome we had Zone Conference and I finally got to meet
President Toone. He's awesome. What a guy, he knows the scriptures
inside and out I was impressed. The conference was sweet. After that
because we're all out of our areas we watched a movie while he did
interviews. Afterwards we went and did a service and then after that
we went and hike Nugget falls which is a sweet hike which leads you to
this huge waterfall. Then we went in for the night. Zone Conference in
Juneau is sweet.

Eventually we made it back to Whitehorse. Adele and Carrie made it to
church so that was awesome. Things are looking good here in Canada.

Well anyway sorry for the long email but that was my week. I hope you
all have a good week. :)

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, July 10, 2017

Whitehorse Fam πŸ™ Week #64 7-10-17

So it's been another awesome week. Full of good times and hard work.
The weather here has been kinda rainy lately but I'm actually enjoying
it. Keeps it nice and cool.

So this week we had a couple of cool experiences, the first was we
were visiting former investigators and we say this lady on our list
that was street contacted into and nobody ever followed up. So we went
by her house and she wasn't home... we sat in the car looking for our
next visit and she rolled up, we awkwardly got out and said hi and we
started talking with her. She told us that she got on the "website"
and saw the word president and that scared her. She thought we were
some kind of organization and she didn't want that for her and her
kids. She wants something spiritual and oh boy did we get excited. We
taught her about Christ and how he is central to the gospel and this
plan. She loved our visit and the spirit was so strong. She is going
to start taking the lessons and I'm super excited for her and her
kids. She is an awesome lady. The other thing that makes this really
cool is that me and Elder Anderson fasted for somebody new that we
could start teaching. The Lord came through in the clutch ;)

The second experience was yesterday.. we were out street contacting
before dinner and we ran into this guy who is a member and I guess is
traveling with a group of like 80 lds members that are on a tour based
out of Utah. And he told us to come to their devotional thing they
were having in a couple of hours. So after dinner we showed up and
when we walked in everyone got super excited haha we felt like
celebrities. Then they had us get up and we told them where we were
from and a little bit about the work here in the Yukon and then we did
a Q and A about our mission and we have a lot of cool facts that it
was super fun to talk about. The. We got to shake all their hands and
they were awesome. It was just a really cool experience.

Soo we had another lesson with Carrie and she is still doing so
awesome. I'm so grateful for her and the choices that she is making.
She has been a blessing in my life. She's still super excited to be
baptized on the 29th of July and so are we...

This week has been really good. Elder Anderson and I have a lot of
fun. He's  such a stud. So glad that he came out here. The work is
awesome and I'm really enjoying Canada haha

Well until next week, here are some photos that we took this week

Keep the faith

Elder Gentry

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Canada Day πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ week #63 7/04/2017

So this week has been insane..

 I went all the way to Juneau over transfers. That was a lot of fun I got to go
 street contacting down at the docks where the cruise ships were docked and 
that was awesome I met people that come from all over the world. We met
 quite a few members and that was awesome. I love seeing members it's the best πŸ‘Œ

So I finally got my new Companion Elder Anderson, and he is the bomb.
I love this guy.. super chill and really wants to work. We had a super
busy week and Have seen lots of cool miracles talking with people. We
have been doing really well. Me and him are a lot alike in the way
that we think. He is from Kearns Utah and he's the looks like he's
straight out of the factory of Salt Lake City haha but he is cool he
got to celebrate his 21 birthday on Friday. It was a party.

Umm... one thing that was super cool is when we were headed back to
Whitehorse from Juneau we saw another bear and that was sick that cute
little fat thing was just chillin on the side of the road munching on
some grass. We took some sick photos that drive is seriously so

This week we have just been getting Elder Anderson familiar with the
area and meeting all the people out here and it has been pretty good.
We have been working hard and it feels good.

So Saturday was Canada day and it was nothing like the Fourth of July
hahaha maybe I just don't have the right attitude because it's not
America haha but that's just my pride coming out I guess... there
were some cool festivals so we went down there and talked to a lot of
people and most of them were really nice and happy the funniest thing that
happened is I tried talking to this guy and he was like " whoa no way,
get away from me,.. Happy Canada day" and I was like what the heck
hahaha  people are funny.

That night we got to go to a wedding for one of our members and we
actually got to cook on the barbecues and make hamburgers and hotdogs
for the reception and that was a lot of fun to be honest.

I've had a really good week and I am excited for this transfer.. it's
going to be a good one :)

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, June 26, 2017

Transfers Weekend😏 Week #62 6.26.17

Hello everyone!!

I hope everyone had a good week and is enjoying the sunshine because I
am  feeling like the sun never goes down out here in the Yukon. One of
my best buddies, Elder Fawson took a photo in Fairbanks at 1 AM on the
summer Solstice so I will attach that.

So this week was a pretty slow one, we had another lesson with Carrie
and we are almost done with the lessons so we're excited for her
baptism coming soon. She is amazing... she is so intelligent when it
comes to the gospel you would think that she has been a member for
years. One of our members said something about a doctrine and she
corrected them and she was right haha it was super funny πŸ˜‚

Elder Hall and I have just been trying to stay focused and work til
the end because he is going home this week so I guess you could say he
has been pretty excited to go home..

We're actually leaving today. Once we're done emailing we're driving
down to Skagway and then we are getting on that dreadful 7 hour ferry
to Juneau. I'll be staying there waiting for my new companion who is
Elder Anderson, I don't know him but he has only been on his mission
about 4 1/2 months so he should be pretty fired up to work so I'm
excited about that. Anyway then Elder Hall will continue to Anchorage
and then on to Texas on Thursday. I'm happy for him.  He has been a really
good companion. It has been good out here in Whitehorse with him!

Soo our Mission President, President Robinson goes home this Friday
and we get our new President and his name is President Toone. Not sure
if that's how it's spelled. I've absolutely loved President Robinson.
He is an amazing man with a huge heart. I'm grateful for him. I'm
nervous and excited for the new president but I'm sure he feels the
same way... so that will be a new experience that I'm looking forward

Well life is good out here in Canada and I'm excited for the change
and the new companion. Well I hope you all have a great week.

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Weeks..... Week #61 6/19/2017

 HI Fam,


So this has been a pretty good week. Kind of slow but it has been good!!

So we finally got our new car that they have been telling us about
since I first got to Whitehorse. So on Wednesday we went in and got a
brand New 2017 Toyota RAV4 . We got to drive it off the lot. When we
did it had only 21 kilometers on it. So like nothing at all. It's was
cool. The car is super nice with all kinds of cool features. So we're
not driving the Silverado anymore.

Umm on P-Day we got to go out and see Emerald lake and it is super pretty.
It look super cool so I took some photos so I'll attach a them at the

As for as the baptism were supposed to have,  we had to push it back to the
29 th of July because she needs to attend church 3 times before she can be baptized
 so she is going to be there this Sunday but she won't have another Sunday
available until the weekend of the 29th so we will be able to baptize
her and then get her confirmed on the 30!! I'm sad that we had to push
it back because she is so ready to be baptized but the technicalities
need to be met so we will just keep working with her and get her ready
for the 29th.

Well not much else has been going on just working on finding new
people to teach and elder hall is getting ready to go home, this week so this
Friday I will get to find out who my next companion will be and then
we will be probably going to Skagway and Elder Hall will continue to Juneau
and Anchorage and I'll stay there with the elders in Skagway.

Well I hope you all have a good week.

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

 Alaska Anchorage Mission
Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

Monday, June 12, 2017

One Step Ahead☑️ Week #60 6/12/2017

So this week has been sweet!!

So the majority of the week has been a pretty normal week. We have
been doing a lot of street contacting. Just getting out and talking
with as many people as we can. I'm not really a fan of doing it
especially because it's been getting up to like 33 degrees outside.
(30 degrees is roughly 86 degrees in Fahrenheit). I don't know what it
is exactly but all I know is it's hot... the last two days have been
rainy and it  has been my saving grace. I love the rain it has
brought the temperature down to about 12 degrees and I have no idea
what that is,  all I know is it's a lot cooler that 33 πŸ˜‚

On Friday we had the opportunity it's to listen to President Russel M.
Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He was in Anchorage for a
Youth Conference and he wanted to meet with the missionaries for a
bit. So Friday morning 6 of the 8 zones came to Anchorage for it.
Everyone except for the Fairbanks and Juneau zones missionaries. Which
I am in the Juneau zone so Sadly we only got to watch it over a
broadcast but it was still really cool to listen to the words that he
had to stay.  He talked a lot about feasting upon the words of Christ
and living the example of Jesus Christ.  I really enjoyed the

On Saturday we had a really good day. The highlight of course was
Brooks Baptism. We started teaching her my second week here. She is a
part of a blended family and they finally got permission to get her
baptized. So we have been going over a lot to teach her all the
lessons and we have gotten pretty close to the Tanner family. I love
them they are awesome!  Anyway so Saturday her step-dad Kevin got to
baptize her and it was an awesome service. We had treats afterwards
and had a good time.

Sunday we had her Confirmation and her grandpa got to confirm her and
I got to stand in the circle and it was a cool experience. Then here
in Whitehorse we missionaries get to bless the sacrament every week and I really
enjoy doing it. Normally it goes off without a hitch but yesterday I
added a word I guess so I had to say it again ahhhh haha it was all
good the the second Time I stuck the landing and said it correctly...
then I also got the opportunity to teach the gospel principles class.
Got to love being in a branch because you get to help out a bit ha.

So this transfer has gone by so fast it's already the beginning of
week 5 which is crazy. My companion Elder Hall is getting ready to go
home after this one. I am excited for the end of the transfer because
it will be fun to travel again but I think I will probably just spend
a couple of days in Skagway with the Elders there instead of going all
the way to Juneau &  I'm okay with that because Skagway is way pretty
hopefully we can do some cool hikes in because I'll be there on a P day.

Oh also on Sunday we had our lesson with Carrie and that has been
awesome to teach her as well. She told us that she finally gave up
coffee for good and her headaches have gone away. She also gave up
soda so basically she's stronger than I haha.  She is so ready and
she will be getting baptized not this coming Saturday but the next. I am
excited for her, she studies like crazy and has already read the Book
of Mormon and she has only been introduced to the gospel just over a
month ago!! Crazy.... she is awesome. 

Anyway not much else has been going on just living the life out here
in Canada trying to enjoy every second. Something Canadian I tried this
week is called Poutine I don't know if that's how it's spelled but
everyone up here eats it and it's basically fries covered in gravy
with blocks of cheese on it... it's super good and way popular like
you can order it at Mcdonalds and stuff.

Anyway that has been my week and it has been super good 😊 I love you
all hope that you week is awesome...

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission