Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Week 2 Family and Friends

Hello Everyone!! 

Man I miss all of you so much. It's crazy how fast this time is already going, but I don't want to get a head of myself because I guess I do  have 102 more weeks to go so that's a little insane to think about. Just want everyone to know that I love and miss you all.

This week was a lot better than the first. today I accidentally slept in until noon so... whoops but it was well needed sleep so I am not that sorry;) The new Elders along with the Elders that I room with are getting super close and its nice to have people to talk to and I think it is a huge blessing. We all just basically hang out and talk and it makes it a lot easier here at the MTC, because when were not doing that we are in class for 10 hours of the day. We do get breaks and lunch but man do I hate the Inside of that class room. It's all good though because I am learning a lot and it is opening my eyes to the gospel and the effects that it can have on people. Now i just need to get to Alaska so I can start. Soon enough though!!

We had the opportunity to listen to Stephen A. Allen who gave an amazing talk about the adversary and he how works on people and the enticing whispers that come from him. He made a great point and was super funny at the same time. Probably was one of the best talks that I have ever heard. I also listen to a talk from Elder Bednar that talked about getting over myself and to quit whining and put forth the work. There is a great scripture, Ether 12:12 that talks about humbling ourselves and having that faith in God and he will perform miracles among us. But he can't until after we exercise that faith. 

Again I just want to tell everybody that I love and miss you and would love to hear from any of you that's willing to talk. I pray for all of you and hope that everything is good. 

Love Always

Elder Gentry        

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