Monday, May 23, 2016

Family and Friends 〽️πŸ’― Week #6


Well this week was pretty gnarly. We had our first baptism with one of our investigators, but it's not that impressive because she's the bishops wife best friend and well she has been coming to church for like the last four years and basically finally decided to get
baptized. We set up an appointment and went over the lessons and she already knew everything. She's basically the most golden investigator you can get. Still a miracle though.

Also we got another online referral with and address so me and my Comp went and checked it out and of course nobody was home. We went back like 10 different times and nothing. Then yesterday day she just showed up at church. And now we have a lesson with her Thursday. I mean it's just funny cause we were basically handed her information and we couldn't get a hold of her. Heavenly Fathers probably thinking these Idiots and had to place her at the chapel for us to get in contact. Just kidding, moral of the story have faith and miracles happenπŸ˜‰

My comp showed me this sweet pump up song when I get down and don't want to do missionary work. So now I blast it and it's pretty sick. I'll attach it below. Also lots of moose the other day I was doing my studies and a moose walked past the window. Like I could have literally reached out and touched him. On another note I experienced my first Earth Quake which was pretty rad. I didn't know what was going on at first cause I had my head on my desk cause I was catching a quick nap and my desk started shaken. First I thought it was Elder Frey waking me up so I was a little mad. Then I look up and everything was shaking. It only lasted like 5 seconds but it was crazy. Apparently it happens all the time soooo... Wish me luck⚡️!! I  miss all of you guys so much and can't even explain the love have for all of you. Know I pray for each of you like all the time. So I wouldn't mind if you throw a prayer my way cause the lord knows I need them.. I struggle a lot out here, but I know I'm spreading good and helping others and that's the focus that keeps me going also I came across D&C 121:7-9. Which gave me great comfort. 

Love you all so much
and hope you have an amazing week!!!✌️
Kindest Regards,

Elder, Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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