Monday, May 30, 2016

Family and Friends 〽️💯 Week 7

Well everybody, 

It's been another killer week here in the Last Frontier.
Alaska is getting hotter and hotter and it seems as if the sun never
goes down. It's strange I almost don't remember what it's like to be
outside in the dark with just the moon. Lots of animals everywhere and
everything is so green.  

The people up her are crazy but they make it fun.  It seems like they either go to a 
church;  (and there are tons of churches). There is one called Church on the Rock 
and they basically have a band play for their services. I kind of want to check it out;  
Or they smoke weed,  It's Crazy.. Haha so many people up here just out in the
open but it's legal so nobody cares.  But its kind of strange though for this
Utah kid.

I met this super cool guy named dimitri and he's Russian and he has
this sweet accent. We talked to him for about 45 minutes and he seems
super interested and Asked if he could have my Book of Mormon I was
carrying and I said absolutely not.... Jk that's why have them anyway
I'm not funny but the work is getting busy. All me and my comp do is
go knocking doors or we go to the park and show up kids on the courts
in our church cloths and then we share a message of course.

Alaska is awesome and I'm starting to feel so much better. I've
actually opened up and have made friends with my comp and other
missionaries and life is good. I still miss all the you guys back home
a lot and think about you all a lot. Wishing you guys a good week

Love your favorite missionary😉
Elder Gentry

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