Monday, June 27, 2016

Fam and Friends〽️💯 Week #11


Well this week has been a little tougher but like the rest I wear it
with a smile😊
We have been doing lots of service, which is pretty sweet. I think
I've been outside more working then I have been teaching. On the plus
side I'm getting a gorgeous tan☀️  The problem is I never get to show
it off cause then I get into a long sleeve shirt and tie so....🐳

The other day my comp tried cooking and we were making some salmon and
he cooked it with some habaneros which are just like the second
hottest pepper in the world and he used like 5 of them. 🔥🔥. I
couldn't eat it just from it cooking my nose was dripping and I was
coughing so I made me some pancakes😝

Somethin cool I got to do this week is on Wednesday we took a road
trip to Anchorage and we got to go to the temple which was awesome!!
The Anchorage temple is so crazy sick so be jealous😏

It's crazy to think that June is already almost over⚡️ time is flying
it's crazy how fast each week comes and goes. So I'm trying to just
enjoy each day as they come and for those you who miss me,  I'm 
not quite so sure who that might be, because my email has still been a little dry😉 hah
jk but for those that do miss me...  I'll be home before we know it.

Craziest thing I did this week is we went to a YSA ward dance and
stole a bunch of food and then my boy DJ Mutini who was the DJ gave me
a shoutout then we bounced😋 it was fun though Ha.

My comp had his one year mark so we went down to the river and burned
his shirt and then we went to red robin for some ice cream but I
caught a look at one of the burgers so of course,  I got the A1 peppercorn
burger🍔 and it was yummmmm ;)

I'm doing so good and am pumped for whatever experiences are headed my
way Alaska is cooler than Utah and life is good;) and Jesus is my A 1

Love you all so much


Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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