Monday, June 6, 2016

Fam and Friends〽️💯 Week #8


Life is getting better and better, plus it doesn't hurt that I'm in
freakin Alaska. Also my mission I get to do tons of service which is
pretty sweet to get out of the church cloths, but it's also a strange
feeling to slap on a pair of jeans. Never thought I'd say it but I get
pretty comfy in my church cloths.✔️

Well this week marks week 8 on my mission. Which is crazy to even say
I don't even feel like I've been gone for a week, JK that's a lie it
feels like years but in the same sense it has gone fast😏 the next two
years are going to blow by so fast I'm excited to just do me out here
and enjoy everything this mission has to offer.

Just so you guys know what I do on an average day. I wake up
grudgingly, for anybody who knows me I like to sleep but hey I'm here
to work so.... Anyway after I shower I study from 8:00 am to about
11:00am🤓. After that we go do some boss teaching and just try and
talk to people. My biggest thing is trying not to be pushy. For
example the other day we ran into this guy who was in his yard working
on his bike and he started to yap at us and said I'm not interested.
Awkwardly I was like hey I just saw your bike and thought it was
sweet. Then I sat there for like a half hour pretending to know about
bikes and what the heck he was saying, super nice guy though just not
interested which is cool. But yeah that basically sums up my average

Anyway a really sweet miracle I saw this week is we were teaching this
girl named Stephanie and she's awesome by the way. We asked her to
pray at the end of the lesson and she started crying the spirit was so
strong and when the prayer was over she told us she knew what she was
doing was right that she could feel it from God. Ladies and gentleman
God is real and he is Good.💂🏿

Another thing I wanted to say is I want you all to know that I'm a
witness of Christ and know this is his work. I gave up something I
dearly loved for the God I love even more. I'm so excited for what the
lord has prepared for me and glad that I get to share these moments
with all of you. Know that I love you and pray for all of you

Love always you favorite Elder in a shirt and tie👔

Elder, Kayden Michael Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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