Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Fam and Friends〽️πŸ’― Week #9

The people I like,

Well it has been Another awesome week up here in the State of Alaska.
Today is actually my 2 month mark and man it's been crazy fast. I hope
your all jealous except the weather is rain and then shine and then
rain again it's crazy. I love it though and am excited to see winter😩
but I know my brothers would love to live up here cause it's sweet so
I'll soak it up for you!😝

Exciting news, we got Stephanie on date for Baptism. She will be my
first complete baptism from finding her, all the teaching, and all the
way to baptism. Knock on wood for me though because I don't want to
jinx it. I'm teasin she is amazing and already loves the gospel so
much and she truly feels the spirit. So knock on wood or not, I'm not
worried about it:)

One weird fact I learned about Alaskans this week is you don't call it
a snow mobile it's a snow machine and they take pride in it. Plus if
you say snow mobile they know your a fake and you can't pretend to be
an Alaskan. So just in case your ever in that situation I have your

The work is good here in Wasilla, Elder Frey and I are killin it ✔️ we
go out and knock doors and try to find new people to teach but I swear
everyone is always in the shower so I don't know what to do if you
have any ideas shoot them my way. Yesterday was the last day of my
first transfer. Both me and Elder Frey are staying here in this
awesome valley. 😝

Funny story, the other night, Elders Frey, White, and Carrol were
chillin after a long day in the apartment and somebody kicked a
dodgeball, long story short it was war. It was fun until I took one in
the face but heck if was wimpin out... So I picked up the ball and
hucked it but I creamed the blinds..... Haha it was awesome.

Just know I freakin love all you so much and want all of you to write
me.... Gets a little lonely out here being roughly 3 thousand miles
away:/ so hit me up😜

No cool pics this week except a couple of crew selfies, but we look
good so here they are😎😎

As always the best looking Alaskan Missionary you know, also the only
Alaskan missionary you know 😘😘

Elder Gentry🎎

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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