Monday, July 11, 2016

Family over Everything🚀 Week #13


Well it's been another sweet week up here in Alaska. Missionary work
is good we have been doing lots of searching to try and get new
investigators.  As of right now we still have Stephanie on date for
this coming Saturday and it'll be so awesome to be apart of her
baptism. She loves us to death but what can I say I guess it's the
Greenie Fire!!!🔥🔥

We tracted and ran into this really cool guy named Bob Velock this dude is a
boss. We told him we did service and he told us we knocked on the
right door. He pulled us inside and showed us everything he needed
done. Then he showed us all of his toys. He has a boss hoss bike that
almost has 500 horsepower then a Harley and he has a legit rich car
and lots of other stuff he wanted us to take it for a ride but of
course we couldn't cause we're missionaries but we still got on them
and started them up it was so fun. By far the coolest guy I've met on
my mission.

Crazy how quickly time is flying! This week already marks my third
month out on my mission. Three months that's insane even though
sometimes it feels like years since I've seen any of you man but life
will be good in a couple of years. I'm just trying to do me and enjoy
it. I love my mission it doesn't get better than Alaska.

The other day we're  getting home late from a lesson and it was
like 10:20 pm and while I was driving  home the sun was in my eyes.
Haha crazy☺️

Love you all have a good week😘😘

Elder Kayden Michael Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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