Tuesday, July 26, 2016

🔥🔥 Week 15

Hello 💛 :p

This week has been kinda normal but that's good eh. It's starting to
get a little darker at nights but mostly because it's been super
cloudy cause it has been raining like everyday this week. So it's
kinda cool to be able to sleep in Almost darkness, but the winter will
be here soon enough and I'm kinda nervous😬 the darkness is going to
be weird and I hope my body and mind handle it well. They say it hits
people differently! All I know is I'm going to stock up on my vitamin
D3 and chill in front of what they call a "happy light". For now I'm
going to just enjoy summer and fall cause I still have a little bit
So I'm gonna soak up the sun and tell everyone🎤  because I don't want
to regret it haha😝

Well we got transfers call this week and I'm staying in Wasilla and
Elder Frey is actually flying out to Juneau to be a zone leader so He
got it good and he knows it he keeps talking about it but I'm happy for
him he deserves this,  he was an awesome trainer💪.   With my area though 
we are losing memory lake ward and are actually getting sisters in our
district so I won't be covering two wards anymore but hey we're
getting sisters that'll be fun☺️ I haven't served with sisters since I
was at the MTC my zone was the only ones without them.

Some good news I'm finally a legal driver in the state of Alaska. I
got my Alaska State Drivers License and it looks sweet I'll send a pic
of it. I feel all legit now haha jk I hate the pic but I guess
everybody hates the drivers license photo so I'm in the in crowd now;)

On another note I am finally getting to go fishing today and I'm so
freakin pumped it's going to be sweet. Hopefully I'll catch a sick
monster fish..  but probs not so wish me luck. Our recent convert Stephanie, 
 is taking us to the Eklutna Tail Race. Right now the King Salmon are running
 and so are the Silvers so we will see. Just last week a member in our ward
caught a 45 pound king salmon so I guess I'll give it a run but I'm so
excited it's going to be sick. I'll take some sweet pics hopefully one
with my monster hah 🎣

Anyway the weeks seem to be cruisin and I'm so in love with Alaska
this is the sweetest mission in the world and the Lord Jesus Christ
really Hooked me up. I love this work and just getting to get to know
people and really just to learn.  It's crazy and it's tough but I love it
and I love you guys too :p

Love your favorite white boy in Alaska👦🏻

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission   

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