Monday, August 22, 2016

Fam😈 week# 19

Hey family this week has been pretty chill. We have been just visiting
families and and trying some less actives. We got two girls in our
ward, they are twins, and we have them on date for October 8. So
that's awesome but I'll probably be leaving this area because
transfers are in two weeks and chances are I'm leaving I really hope I
don't though so I guess we will see though.💥

Not a whole lot to say this week. I went disc golfing which was pretty
sweet. Also I got a haircut and tried a new hairdo so let me know what
you think I'll send a pic. I'm pretty sure I'm going to switch it back
though hah idk though.

My comp is pretty sick so I'm sure we're not going to be doing
anything today which is cool I'm down to chill. As of right now we're
supposed to be going fishing later but we will see how he is doing in a

Last night Elder Judd made some weird turkey meatballs and made this
ragu sauce thing and it was weird it was edible though so there's that
haha, honestly all I want is my moms sloppy joes and her lasagna 😍😍.
I miss good food. Weird thing about being up here is I've actually
come to love salmon and halibut it's so good the way these people make
it. Never thought I would like sea food but I guess if you come to a
place where they know how to make it and it's what you eat it grows on

Everything is up here is getting weird. The leaves are starting to
change and it's raining all the time and it's starting to get dark at
like 9:30 ish which is so weird it used to be like it would never go
down but I guess winter is coming so it's going to be great.

Anyway I love you all so much keep it real.

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

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