Monday, August 29, 2016

πŸ’›☺️πŸ’› Week #20

Yo people...

Hey everybody this week has been super long I feel like. I don't know
why it just has. It has been good though. Only thing is we're out of
money for the month so we have been eating mystery meat in our
freezer. It is either caribou or moose I'm pretty sure. Then we mix it
with some rice and some BBQ sauce and a little ranch and that's been
pretty tasty. Haha freakin missionary life.πŸ˜‚

Well everyone transfers are coming to an end and chances are I am
leaving Wasilla and headed somewhere new in the state of Alaska. I
really hope I stay though I really like my companion and I love my
ward and all the people in Wasilla.  Super awesome place to be and
I'll be sad if I have to leave so I guess we will see

This week we did lots of service and helping out in the community. We
went to the food pantry place and helped them out there and in return
they gave us some frozen burritos to munch on haha then we actually
went over to do a service for some less active members house who live on lake
Lucille and they are next door neighbors to Sara palin so that's
pretty sweet I have some pictures so I'll send those.

Teaching wise we have just been working with the same people and been
helping them. Our recent convert Stephanie's son just moved back with
her and he is 16. We had a lesson and now he want to hear the rest of
the lessons and we are going to try and put him on date next week so
that's pretty exciting.

So our fishing trip last week got cancelled. My companion ended up
getting sick so we couldn't go but then he started feeling better so
we went and played more disc golf. I was so bummed about the fishing
cause right now I guess the silvers are running and we would have
caught them, right in their mouth;)  today we going on a hike up
hatchers pass so I should get some sick photos for next week. Pray for
me though cause I'm so out of shape it isn't funny. I'm probably going
to die.

On another note I'm getting super tight with the other missionaries up
here. It's nice to have homies up her and people to talk to. It helps
with the homesickness as tough as I look I'm probably the biggest baby
up here hah I miss you all so much it's crazy. Just have so many
awesome memories with all of you back home. But I'm having fun up her
and making the most of it and creating all sorts of new memories that
I'll get to share with you guys some day. Don't worry to much about

love you all so much. πŸ’›

Elder Kayden M. Gentry
                                                                      MISSIONARY LOVE 
                                                                       SO PRETTY UP HERE
                                                                         HAVING A LIL FUN
                                                                       OUR  DISTRICT 
                                                                        SARA P.  HOUSE 

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