Monday, August 1, 2016

Week⚡️⚡️ week #16

Man this week has been solid but terrible news I got skunked fishing
so I started the week with a bad vibe. But the week got way better
though so I don't know. I got my new comp this week his name is Elder
Lewis and this kid is a boss. I love this guy. He's so freakin funny
he makes the days go by better haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Elder Lewis and have started to work out and it feels good. I guess
it's just the thought of working out sucks super bad  but once you
just buck up and start you just feel good it reminds me of football
and I freakin miss it😩.  We're going to baptize all of Wasilla and
get super jacked at the same time so be ready for us.  ;)

Other than that we have been visiting with some family who wants their
kids baptized and they have to go through missionaries so we're going
to start teaching kids and I'm kind of nervous cause I don't know how
to teach kids all to well but I did do sharing time and we killed it

Well also shout out to my brother who got to baptize his homie Willie.
I'm happy for that big guy who's not so big anymore haha he's just
sheddin that weight like crazy.. but he looks good and I love him he is my

Love the chilliest missionary you guys know

Elder Gentry
Alaska Anchorage Mission              new companion Elder Lewis 

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