Monday, September 26, 2016

Cordova livin😝 Week #24

Wanted to write you all and let you all know I'm still alive. Cordova
is so different than Wasilla. I'm still getting used to everything
including living in the church.  I am slowly but surly starting to love
this place. All last week it rained. When I say rain it's like pouring
constantly and there is no let up. We went tracting a lot which kind
of sucked at first but once I was soaking wet it was kind of fun. Plus
people felt bad for us and we actually have met a few family's that
we're going to have dinner with. They say they aren't interested,  but
we'll see ;)

This week in church I gave my talk in sacrament meeting. It wasn't
terrible but it wasn't  good by any means. I don't know why I get so
nervous but I do. It was easier talking at my farewell where there
was hundreds of people there than talking in front of the 30 people that
showed up last week..  That was heart wrenching. Haha just kidding I got
through it.

The work here in Cordova is starting to pick up and we are getting some
referrals and hopefully will be able to teach more. I'm excited to
work with some of these people. I'll give you more details later if
anything pans out.

Today we're going out to see the glacier so that'll be sweet. It's
only like a half hour dive from town and I hear it's super awesome so
I'll send some pics next week.

On the plus side I finally got myself a jacket and it's a nice one.
It's like a $150 dollar jacket that I got for $95 because we did some
service for the lady who owns the store, who is a less active member
but she swung me a good deal.  It is Starting to get colder so it's a good
thing I have it.

Not to much else is going on with me. I'm starting to settle here in
Cordova and I love it. I'm so blessed. My companion goes home in like
3 weeks and he is  just a solid missionary. I love this guy. I'm just
trying to learn all I can from him so I can move on and work hard like
he has.

Anyway hope you all have a good week cause I know I am ;)

Love always,

Elder Gentry
Alaska Anchorage Mission            Elder Pace and I 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Hi☺️☺️ Week #23

Family and Friends

Hey guys life here in Cordova is beautiful. Cordova itself is amazing.
The people here are super nice too, but it is a very anti Mormon
community at the same time. Everybody already knows that we're in town
and they know what we drive which is really weird but hey it's a small
town the news travels fast. I'm excited to be here we've met some
pretty solid potential investigators so we will see how it goes!?

The other day we were cooking bacon and the smoke set off the fire
alarm and so we ran and reset the alarm and got it off and no sooner
the fire department shows up and we felt so stupid especially because
it's a small town. Then the first councilor in the branch presidency
shows up and talks to us about it and then we got a call from our
mission home asking us who burnt out lunch hahah it was crazy how fast
the word got out and that was all within like 30 minutes.

Anyway that was a good time. Well we got to fly to anchorage this last
week and the airport here is so tiny it looks like just this big shed
and you walk in and get registered and then we didn't go through any
security because we were flying on raven airlines and then we walked
out onto the tar Mac and then up the stairs to the plane.  The plane
seated only like 20 people it was small. Then we flew back on Alaska
airlines on what they call the milk run which it goes from small
island to island type deal it was cool. It was a full size plane

The zone conference in anchorage was pretty good though I enjoyed it
and learned lots of good things. But now we are back in Cordova and
I'm excited to get to work. Cordova was tough at first and I've only
been here a week but it's starting to grow on me just a bit.

I love all of you so much and hope you have a blessed week.

Love you favorite Elder in Alaska

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, September 12, 2016

Cordova :p Week #22

Hola Friends and Fam☺️

Well everyone I made it to Cordova and it was quite the trip. Super
pretty drive to Whittier and then a wicked ferry ride to Cordova. The
ferry took 7 hours but it was cool they had puzzles and games and food
but mostly I just slept. We got into Cordova late Thursday evening and
then Brother and Sister Hamberger showed us to the church and we are
staying in the family history room. It's packed with Stuff everywhere
and then our beds in the corner. We shower in the font and it is super
weird not to bad though. Cordova is probably one of the prettiest
places I have ever been.

Super small town though. Everybody knows everybody. We went around
town and saw lots of the same people everywhere. The graduating class
here only has 16 kids in the entire class. It rains like crazy down
here and still don't have a rain jacket so I'm hopefully getting one
soon ha anyway all we eat is Mac and cheese and chilli. No such thing
as fast food down here and everything is almost double mark the
original value.  Now that Sunday has passed we got a food calendar and
a couple families have signed up to feed us so it'll be nice to eat
something different. There are only roughly 5 families in the branch
and like 30 people total who show up on Sunday. We have already been
asked to speak not this Sunday but the next.  I better get used to it
though cause we will probably speak quite a bit.

My new companion is Elder Pace and he is a super cool kid. Me and him
just sit and talk and have long conversations. If I'm down here I'm
glad it is with him. We get along super well. This is his last
transfer and he goes home.  He still works super hard and I look up to
that a lot. He's just an awesome missionary and a great guy.

Life is a struggle but all in all it is good. Hard getting used to
living in the church. I broke the key in the lock in the materials
center and then that same day we went to the bathroom and the door to
our room was locked and we locked the keys and the phone inside. Then
we thought, is there any way we left the window open??  so we went and checked and
it wasn't!!  Only to find out that we locked ourselves out of the
church with no phone and no keys??  And,  I didn't even have shoes on. We
asked a guy across the street to borrow his phone and we had to call
some elders in Fairbanks So we could get our presidents number then
called him to get Brother Hamburgers number so he could come let is

It's been crazy but at the same time we have seen lots of miracles and
have met some solid potential investigators and hope it works out.
It's just such a small community the second we start teaching someone
the whole town finds out and there's pressure and it's just stressful.

I'm excited to be here though and work hard to serve the people here
in Cordova. I miss Wasilla way more than I thought I would.  I miss the
Elders, the Ward Members,  the food and just everything about it!! Ha Ha it 
was an awesome place to serve and can't wait to go back and visit someday.

Everything is going good and know that I love all of you and miss all
my friends and family, but I feel like I'm growing a lot. I wish you
all the best week and hope you see miracles.


Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cordova Bound!!🙌 Week #21

Hey everybody, 

Sorry for getting to the email late today. I just have
had a lot of things to do today and am stressin😷

So the big news with transfers is Elder Lewis is staying in Wasilla
and getting a new missionary and I'm headed down to Cordova which is a
tiny fish village. To get there we have to drive down to Whittier and
then I have to take a 7 hour ferry down to Cordova. The ferry is going
to be so sweet. I'm one of the first missionaries to take a ferry in
years. No missionaries have been in Cordova for 6 years. It's a tiny
fishing village that is all by itself. The Wasilla valley where I am
at has almost 100,000 people here and in Cordova there is roughly
2,300 so yea it's going to be crazy. The cherry on top is that we are
living in the chapel down there. We will be sleeping in like the
primary room and just chillin there I guess. There is just a small
branch down there so its going to be quite an experience.  Everything is
going to be twice as expensive as it is already and everything is
alread over priced so....  ya..

Something else about Cordova is it has the record snowfall in Alaska.
Like four years ago over the entirety of the winter they got like 32
feet of snow so it's going to be insane. My new campanion is going to
be Elder Pace and he is a way cool missionary that I've gotten to know
and now he will be my companion and I'm killing him off down there
because he only has one more transfer left and he will be going home.  It'll be fun!!
It will be just the two of us down there so it'll be nuts. The
Assistants to the president told me that by the time I get out of
Cordova that I will have been on the ferry for like a total of 48 hours
cause we come up for zone conference and other meetings.

I'm super excited to go to Cordova and have fun down there. There
should be lots of work because like I said no missionaries have been
there for 6 years. I'm so pumped it's going to be hard though there's
like no food down there and they eat a lot of fish. Good thing though
I heard they eat lots of crab and shrimp so that'll be good.
it's also super pretty down there from the pictures I have seen so
that's going to be fun

Leaving Wasilla is going to be hard though I love this ward and all the
missionaries here and now I have to say goodbye.  It kind of feels like
I'm starting a new mission and I'm kind of stressin because I'm trying
to buy what I need because everything will be ridiculously expensive
once I get to Cordova and just trying to figure it all out is crazy.

Anyway the hike we went on last week was crazy!!  I have some cool pictures
that'll I'll send and also know that I love you and wish me luck out
in the tiny village.... cause idk how I feel about it all!!

Love You💛💛☺️

Elder Gentry
                                                  our Hike




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