Monday, September 26, 2016

Cordova livin😝 Week #24

Wanted to write you all and let you all know I'm still alive. Cordova
is so different than Wasilla. I'm still getting used to everything
including living in the church.  I am slowly but surly starting to love
this place. All last week it rained. When I say rain it's like pouring
constantly and there is no let up. We went tracting a lot which kind
of sucked at first but once I was soaking wet it was kind of fun. Plus
people felt bad for us and we actually have met a few family's that
we're going to have dinner with. They say they aren't interested,  but
we'll see ;)

This week in church I gave my talk in sacrament meeting. It wasn't
terrible but it wasn't  good by any means. I don't know why I get so
nervous but I do. It was easier talking at my farewell where there
was hundreds of people there than talking in front of the 30 people that
showed up last week..  That was heart wrenching. Haha just kidding I got
through it.

The work here in Cordova is starting to pick up and we are getting some
referrals and hopefully will be able to teach more. I'm excited to
work with some of these people. I'll give you more details later if
anything pans out.

Today we're going out to see the glacier so that'll be sweet. It's
only like a half hour dive from town and I hear it's super awesome so
I'll send some pics next week.

On the plus side I finally got myself a jacket and it's a nice one.
It's like a $150 dollar jacket that I got for $95 because we did some
service for the lady who owns the store, who is a less active member
but she swung me a good deal.  It is Starting to get colder so it's a good
thing I have it.

Not to much else is going on with me. I'm starting to settle here in
Cordova and I love it. I'm so blessed. My companion goes home in like
3 weeks and he is  just a solid missionary. I love this guy. I'm just
trying to learn all I can from him so I can move on and work hard like
he has.

Anyway hope you all have a good week cause I know I am ;)

Love always,

Elder Gentry
Alaska Anchorage Mission            Elder Pace and I 

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