Monday, September 19, 2016

Hi☺️☺️ Week #23

Family and Friends

Hey guys life here in Cordova is beautiful. Cordova itself is amazing.
The people here are super nice too, but it is a very anti Mormon
community at the same time. Everybody already knows that we're in town
and they know what we drive which is really weird but hey it's a small
town the news travels fast. I'm excited to be here we've met some
pretty solid potential investigators so we will see how it goes!?

The other day we were cooking bacon and the smoke set off the fire
alarm and so we ran and reset the alarm and got it off and no sooner
the fire department shows up and we felt so stupid especially because
it's a small town. Then the first councilor in the branch presidency
shows up and talks to us about it and then we got a call from our
mission home asking us who burnt out lunch hahah it was crazy how fast
the word got out and that was all within like 30 minutes.

Anyway that was a good time. Well we got to fly to anchorage this last
week and the airport here is so tiny it looks like just this big shed
and you walk in and get registered and then we didn't go through any
security because we were flying on raven airlines and then we walked
out onto the tar Mac and then up the stairs to the plane.  The plane
seated only like 20 people it was small. Then we flew back on Alaska
airlines on what they call the milk run which it goes from small
island to island type deal it was cool. It was a full size plane

The zone conference in anchorage was pretty good though I enjoyed it
and learned lots of good things. But now we are back in Cordova and
I'm excited to get to work. Cordova was tough at first and I've only
been here a week but it's starting to grow on me just a bit.

I love all of you so much and hope you have a blessed week.

Love you favorite Elder in Alaska

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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