Monday, October 31, 2016

HolaπŸ‘‹ Week #29

Hey everyone,

The weeks seem to just keep coming and going which is crazy. I mean
it's already Halloween πŸ‘». But the worst part about being a missionary
we don't get to do a whole lot to celebrate. We have to be in our
apartments by 7:00 so I mean maybe we'll play a board game who knows.
Here in Cordova it has been raining a ton the temperatures have been
hovering between 30-40 degrees which is nice because it's pretty warm
and nothing is really freezing.

This last week has been a really good one we finally got to teach an
actual lesson. Julie finally contacted us and wanted to sit down and
talk so we went in there trying to teach the restoration but she had
questions so we just got to know her answered her questions and talked
about the Book of Mormon and it was a great lesson. I'm excited for
her and for us. We also tracted into this sweet lady named Colette who
has met with missionaries before and we asked her if she wanted a Book
of Mormon and she did and we are going to hopefully start teaching her
soon as well.

The missionary work in Cordova is starting to pick up finally. We have
had a tough time trying to stay busy and now it's starting to come
together so I'm happy about that.

We have also done a lot of service lately especially for the Salvation
Army. We have helped them go around and get boxes of stuff to sell and
when I say boxes I mean like 5 truck loads of crap haha and we had to
carry down theses steep two flights of stairs. Let's just say I got my
work out in. We also helped this other lady named Ampy. We gathered
and chopped wood for her so she could be ready for the winter. She was
so happy and it felt good to see her happy like that when we were

Funny story, so there is an Elder in my District and I served around
him when I was in Wasilla so we are really good friends. He is serving
down in Seward and has no other missionaries around him either. So he
calls me every night to talk. He will text me and ask me if I'm in so
he can call. Then sometimes I can't answer so he will sit and call
like 5 times and then eventually leave me a voicemail about how he
can't believe I'm not answering. It's just so dumb I feel like I have
a crazy girlfriend in Seward haha πŸ˜‚

The highlight of my week was probably Saturday. We got invited over by
a family to come eat breakfast. It was so good. I haven't had
breakfast in a while. When we showed up there was food everywhere.
Bacon sausage eggs waffles with whipped cream and strawberries and of
coarse there was OJ. It was nice to actually eat a breakfast meal.
Anyway it was awesome

Well that is basically all I have to say I hope you all have a good
week and are happy!


Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, October 24, 2016

🌌🌌 Week #28

Well hello everyone. 

Another week come and gone. It's really starting
to blow my mind how quickly time is going. Here in Cordova the work is
slow and we are trying to stay busy but man it seems like nothing is
working. So get this we started a game night here at the branch so
members could come out and play volley ball basketball, or board games
whatever. So anyway we set it up for Friday and only one member showed
up. Only one. It was embarrassing but I mean we just hung out with him
for a bit but I don't know.

Other than the work here,  I love it here in Cordova. The branch is super
awesome I love them. They are so cool and fun to be around. Also this
week we got asked to teach the gospel doctrine class  and for anybody
who knows me I don't like getting up in front of crowds so it was
tough but it happened and it was pretty awkward but I did it :P

Elder Furnell and I get along good. He's a good guy. He's really into
cars and he's into mechanics and stuff. We don't have s whole lot in
common but we get along so that's good. He's about to hit his year
Mark at the end of the transfer so that's exciting and it's nice to
serve with someone who actually unpacks his bags cause he knows he
still has a while haha.

Alaska is starting to get cold and dark very fast. Here in Cordova it
stays a little warmer than everywhere else which is good but I miss
the summer sun. The mountains have snow all over them and it just
looks awesome. I love this time of year I just don't like being cold
all to well.

The other night we drove the highway to were the bridge is broken and
we're it ends. In Cordova there is no roads going out of here so you
have to fly or ferry in. So we drove to the end of the road and took a
picture of the sign. It was cool. Now I can saw I've been all over my
area completely.

Anyway winter is coming and I'm prepared for it. I'm excited to get
back to work and hopefully seem some good things happen. I hope you
all have a good week and be happy 😊

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, October 17, 2016

Family :P week#27

Hello everybody, 

It's been another good week here in Cordova. It was
super sunny all week and then Saturday night it snowed and we got a
few inches and then by Sunday afternoon it warmed up and turned to
mostly slush I have a few pictures I'll send.

This morning we went to the airport and picked up my new companion
Elder Furnell and he is a cool missionary we have different
personalities but it'll be cool to see how this companionship goes. We
are in a trio right now with Elder Pace but we are taking  him to the
airport in about an hour and he is headed to Anchorage and then he
will be headed to Salt Lake City on Wednesday. I'm excited for him and
his family he is an awesome kid.

Last night I got to have dinner on a sail boat. A family in the branch
lives out on a sail boat in the harbor and they had us over for
dinner. It was cool plus we had ribeye steaks so that's pretty sweet.

The families here in the branch in Cordova are so fun. I love the
Hatch family and the Songers, and the Kinsmans they are just so fun to
be around and make being an Elder here in Cordova Fun.

The work here in Cordova is way slow and we aren't teaching we are
just trying to find people but it seems nobody wants to listen but
we're going to keep trying. We are setting up a game night on Friday's
so hopefully that will bring some people out from the community and
maybe spark some interest in the church.

Lately I've been jealous of the weather my brother has been having in
Florida. He's probably pretty toasty out there while I'm scraping my
windows every day..  and now sloshing in the snow haha but I love it
and probably wouldn't trade him if I could.

It's weird sending Elder Pace home I feel like I'm supposed to be
going home with him. Over the past couple of weeks I've gotten to hear
about his plans and his family emails asking him what's he wants to do
that first day he is home hah it's freaking weird but I'll be staying
here. Cool thing about killing a missionary off is I get to keep all
the stuff he can't take home. So I've inherited some things.

I love this small town of Cordova I feel very at home here and just
absolutely love the people and I know that's a very cliche missionary
thing to say but it's true they are amazing and I'm so happy I'm
staying and I'll probably be staying through Christmas so that'll be

Anyway not to much else to say I love you all so much and hope you
have a good week.

Love always,

Elder Kayden M. Gentry


Monday, October 10, 2016

Birthday Week.... Week #26

Hey there,

This week has been fast. I don't feel like we did too much of anything. We got out and did some tracting and just really trying to meet people in the community. 

It was Elder Paces birthday on Tuesday and mine was on Saturday so it was a birthday week and we had a good one. On Saturday we went to lunch at a small place called the power house. It used to be a dynamite storage house for the railroad then later they turned it into a restaurant. The make really good cheeseburgers. Later we went over to the kinsmans who is a family in our branch. Elder Pace stole my moms email and gave it to her and she emailed my sweet mom and got all my favorites and she made/bought them for me we had a party it was so awesome it was a little piece of home here in Cordova.  They are an awesome family. Later that night we gave a lesson on the Book of Mormon for their son named jaqai and it went really well the spirit was so strong and we gave him a copy of the Book of Mormon with our testimonies written in it and he loved it. That family is so cool 😎 

All in all it was a super good birthday. A little weird not being able to spend it with my family and especially my sister. I love and miss her so much. At the same time it was one for the books and will be a memory that I'll have forever.

I really enjoy the branch here they are so awesome and good to us missionaries. The work here may be slow but it has been a really good experience for me and I'm excited to keep working hard and see the blessings that come from it.

On another note Elder Pace goes home in 9 days and I'm super excited for him. I sit and hear about his plans and his family getting exciting a part me feels like I'm going home with him. On the flip side Im the one that gets to stay in this beautiful place Cordova and as cool as going home would be right now I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. This Friday I found out who my next companion is and then Monday I fly to anchorage and I'll probably be in anchorage until Thursday so I'm not exactly sure how it's going to go down but I'm excited.

One guy that we're working with that I want to talk about is Matt G. he is a return missionary who is less active. He doesn't really believe in god anymore. Low key he really does he just likes to party. Anyway he feeds us every Sunday and is super chill. I freakin love that guy. The funny thing is every time we go over there he always brings up the gospel in some way or another haha it's all he wants to talk about with us sometimes. So I don't know. Right now we are just trying to be his friend and be there for him. He's cool though!!

Time keeps rolling! I hit my 6 month mark this week and it has been crazy how fast time flies. One thing I hope for my mission is that the time doesn't  just pass and nothing changes. I want my mission to make me into the man God needs me to be. I want people to look at me in two years and see a difference. I hope on my mission I can put god first and allow him to change me but I have a lot of work to do and god needs a lifetime to shape my stubborn self but I'm giving him these two years so hopefully as I get to work so does he :)

I absolutely love my mission and wouldn't trade it for anything. The places I get to see are sometimes mind blowing. I mean I live in freakin Alaska where there are lakes and rivers everywhere. The moose and bears are seen on the daily yet I still haven't seen a bear sadly. The people I get to meet are amazing. The people I've served have made a difference in my life and I love them for the comfort and love I've felt from them. My mission is the best and I still get 18 months to be here in this awesome state having this crazy adventure.

Love you all so much😊

Elder Kayden M. Gentry
Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, October 3, 2016

Family Week #25

Hey everybody this week was pretty good. We had general  Conference and that was really cool. This is probably the first time that I have watched it and truly enjoyed it. That's probably because I actually watched it this time ha. 

Well I went to the Sheridan glacier last week and it was totally awesome. I did end up falling in the water but it was only to about my waist so it was too bad but it was soooo cold. I dried pretty quick though and really had a good time I have some pics. 

Living in the church is still going great a little weird but I'm starting feel like a part of this small branch. I love the members down here they are awesome. Really members are awesome no matter where you go I've only had good experiences.

Cordova is sweet. It's starting to frost and the leaves are dying quick it's going to be winter before I know it but I'm prepared so I should be okay I'm excited to see an Alaska winter also a bit scared too though so we will see how it goes. The work is still pretty slow here but we do have some people we're trying to work with. I feel like this area is an area where we're going to be serving the branch and the community more than we're looking to baptize which I am okay with I really enjoy the people here. 

Anyway not a whole lot else is going on with me I love you and hope you have a good week and I hope you are  jealous cause yea I'm in Alaska 😝!!!!