Monday, October 17, 2016

Family :P week#27

Hello everybody, 

It's been another good week here in Cordova. It was
super sunny all week and then Saturday night it snowed and we got a
few inches and then by Sunday afternoon it warmed up and turned to
mostly slush I have a few pictures I'll send.

This morning we went to the airport and picked up my new companion
Elder Furnell and he is a cool missionary we have different
personalities but it'll be cool to see how this companionship goes. We
are in a trio right now with Elder Pace but we are taking  him to the
airport in about an hour and he is headed to Anchorage and then he
will be headed to Salt Lake City on Wednesday. I'm excited for him and
his family he is an awesome kid.

Last night I got to have dinner on a sail boat. A family in the branch
lives out on a sail boat in the harbor and they had us over for
dinner. It was cool plus we had ribeye steaks so that's pretty sweet.

The families here in the branch in Cordova are so fun. I love the
Hatch family and the Songers, and the Kinsmans they are just so fun to
be around and make being an Elder here in Cordova Fun.

The work here in Cordova is way slow and we aren't teaching we are
just trying to find people but it seems nobody wants to listen but
we're going to keep trying. We are setting up a game night on Friday's
so hopefully that will bring some people out from the community and
maybe spark some interest in the church.

Lately I've been jealous of the weather my brother has been having in
Florida. He's probably pretty toasty out there while I'm scraping my
windows every day..  and now sloshing in the snow haha but I love it
and probably wouldn't trade him if I could.

It's weird sending Elder Pace home I feel like I'm supposed to be
going home with him. Over the past couple of weeks I've gotten to hear
about his plans and his family emails asking him what's he wants to do
that first day he is home hah it's freaking weird but I'll be staying
here. Cool thing about killing a missionary off is I get to keep all
the stuff he can't take home. So I've inherited some things.

I love this small town of Cordova I feel very at home here and just
absolutely love the people and I know that's a very cliche missionary
thing to say but it's true they are amazing and I'm so happy I'm
staying and I'll probably be staying through Christmas so that'll be

Anyway not to much else to say I love you all so much and hope you
have a good week.

Love always,

Elder Kayden M. Gentry


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