Monday, October 31, 2016

Hola👋 Week #29

Hey everyone,

The weeks seem to just keep coming and going which is crazy. I mean
it's already Halloween 👻. But the worst part about being a missionary
we don't get to do a whole lot to celebrate. We have to be in our
apartments by 7:00 so I mean maybe we'll play a board game who knows.
Here in Cordova it has been raining a ton the temperatures have been
hovering between 30-40 degrees which is nice because it's pretty warm
and nothing is really freezing.

This last week has been a really good one we finally got to teach an
actual lesson. Julie finally contacted us and wanted to sit down and
talk so we went in there trying to teach the restoration but she had
questions so we just got to know her answered her questions and talked
about the Book of Mormon and it was a great lesson. I'm excited for
her and for us. We also tracted into this sweet lady named Colette who
has met with missionaries before and we asked her if she wanted a Book
of Mormon and she did and we are going to hopefully start teaching her
soon as well.

The missionary work in Cordova is starting to pick up finally. We have
had a tough time trying to stay busy and now it's starting to come
together so I'm happy about that.

We have also done a lot of service lately especially for the Salvation
Army. We have helped them go around and get boxes of stuff to sell and
when I say boxes I mean like 5 truck loads of crap haha and we had to
carry down theses steep two flights of stairs. Let's just say I got my
work out in. We also helped this other lady named Ampy. We gathered
and chopped wood for her so she could be ready for the winter. She was
so happy and it felt good to see her happy like that when we were

Funny story, so there is an Elder in my District and I served around
him when I was in Wasilla so we are really good friends. He is serving
down in Seward and has no other missionaries around him either. So he
calls me every night to talk. He will text me and ask me if I'm in so
he can call. Then sometimes I can't answer so he will sit and call
like 5 times and then eventually leave me a voicemail about how he
can't believe I'm not answering. It's just so dumb I feel like I have
a crazy girlfriend in Seward haha 😂

The highlight of my week was probably Saturday. We got invited over by
a family to come eat breakfast. It was so good. I haven't had
breakfast in a while. When we showed up there was food everywhere.
Bacon sausage eggs waffles with whipped cream and strawberries and of
coarse there was OJ. It was nice to actually eat a breakfast meal.
Anyway it was awesome

Well that is basically all I have to say I hope you all have a good
week and are happy!


Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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