Monday, October 24, 2016

🌌🌌 Week #28

Well hello everyone. 

Another week come and gone. It's really starting
to blow my mind how quickly time is going. Here in Cordova the work is
slow and we are trying to stay busy but man it seems like nothing is
working. So get this we started a game night here at the branch so
members could come out and play volley ball basketball, or board games
whatever. So anyway we set it up for Friday and only one member showed
up. Only one. It was embarrassing but I mean we just hung out with him
for a bit but I don't know.

Other than the work here,  I love it here in Cordova. The branch is super
awesome I love them. They are so cool and fun to be around. Also this
week we got asked to teach the gospel doctrine class  and for anybody
who knows me I don't like getting up in front of crowds so it was
tough but it happened and it was pretty awkward but I did it :P

Elder Furnell and I get along good. He's a good guy. He's really into
cars and he's into mechanics and stuff. We don't have s whole lot in
common but we get along so that's good. He's about to hit his year
Mark at the end of the transfer so that's exciting and it's nice to
serve with someone who actually unpacks his bags cause he knows he
still has a while haha.

Alaska is starting to get cold and dark very fast. Here in Cordova it
stays a little warmer than everywhere else which is good but I miss
the summer sun. The mountains have snow all over them and it just
looks awesome. I love this time of year I just don't like being cold
all to well.

The other night we drove the highway to were the bridge is broken and
we're it ends. In Cordova there is no roads going out of here so you
have to fly or ferry in. So we drove to the end of the road and took a
picture of the sign. It was cool. Now I can saw I've been all over my
area completely.

Anyway winter is coming and I'm prepared for it. I'm excited to get
back to work and hopefully seem some good things happen. I hope you
all have a good week and be happy 😊

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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