Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thought Provoking 🙌 Week # 32

Hey there

So another week has flown by. It's crazy the days seem to last forever
but the weeks fly. I'm doing great. The work is still slow, but I am
getting excited for the upcoming holidays. Kind of fun to start seeing
the lights coming up on peoples houses and people getting into the
Christmas spirit.

I'm super excited for thanksgiving, three of the families in our
branch are getting together and doing thanksgiving together so that's
going to be fun and I'm excited to eat some turkey. As we missionaries
we are in charge of bringing the jello. We will see how that goes.

We finally got some more snow here in Cordova. I was beginning to
think it wasn't going to come. This is Alaska though I shouldn't have
doubted. I freaking love the snow. Without it, it's just a cold
wasteland haha so the snow has been nice to have.

Nothing to much going on here just the daily grind, I mean we have fun
there's just not a whole lot to talk about. We get transfer calls this
Friday and I'm pretty sure I'm staying, but I guess we will find out.

Probably the really only cool thing we did was we went down to the
docks trying to contact people but there was nobody down there so we
just took a bunch of pictures haha it wasn't very productive but it
was fun I guess.

One cool thing we had our dinner cancel on us so we went to the powder
house which is a local restaurant and Matt Garner was there. He is the
inactive return missionary. I freaking love that guy. He sat by us and
just talked to us about life and stuff and gave me some solid advice
on things like girls, friends, and life in general. Told me to focus
on my mission and he said and I quote you'll be blessed because of
your beliefs haha deep down he knows the truth in the gospel. He hides
it well though cause he then ordered a beer. No skin off my nose
though he will figure it out though.

This thanksgiving I'm going to have a good one and I feel so extremely
blessed. I have a beautiful family, wonderful friends. This
thanksgiving I am so grateful to be a missionary, I'm grateful for
Jesus Christ, and I'm glad to be a part in this work.

Hope everyone has a turkey filled thanksgiving full of laughs and good times

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, November 14, 2016


Hey people,

It's been a good week in Cordova. We basically did a ton
of service and I'm so sore, but it feels good to get out of the church
clothes every once in a while and put you shoulder to the wheel. Life
is good and I feel blessed, the branch up here is freakin awesome and
I love them!

So this week the the town had a native sobriety festival, where they
celebrate getting away from alcoholism because it has a huge impact up
here. So anyway we got to help serve the food all day and watch the
native dancing, which I'm being completely honest it is so weird. They
dance and yell and grunt and shake things just not my kind of
entertainment. It's cool though it sure beats tracting though. So
later they had this huge feast and I got to eat lots of cool food
which include the best Alaskan King Crab so I know my grandma is quite
jealous. Also got to eat Buffalo steak, Alaskan Shrimp, clams, and the
famous native Muck Tuck which is whale hide with blubber it was so
disgusting. Never have had anything worse in my mouth. It's like
chewing on a belt and then the blubber just mushed and gets in your
teeth and leaves a nasty film. 😷 I can say I have tried it though so
that's dope.

We had another game night on Friday and people actually showed up this
time so we played board games and had a good time except I completely
suck at board games and the members know it.  It has been fun though.

Cordova won't stop raining. I feel like it's been raining like three
days without stopping which kind of sucks but I'm getting used to it.
Makes me miss the desert of Utah haha. I look at pictures of Utah and
it looks so brown and dry which is weird cause I'm just used to seeing
all the green now that I've been up here for a little bit. I love
Cordova though transfers are coming up in two weeks so I hope I get to

7 months!!!😝😝 since I've started this journey and it's freakin blows
my mind crazy to think how fast time is going I can't believe it's
already the holidays again. Time just keeps moving along and I'm
excited for where my mission is going to take me and what is in store.

Today we might go hiking if the rain lets up just a little bit so
hopefully that will be awesome. We are going with a less active return
missionary named Matt Garner. This guy is a homie he's so awesome and
way funny.

Good news about the work. Last night we tracted into this guy who let
us in and actually told us he has already been reading the Book of
Mormon and said it makes sense so we taught a little bit more about
the Book of Mormon and invited him to read and pray about it. Then he
gave us his number so hopefully we can contact him and start teaching
him. Felt so good to actually get to teach again. Especially after the
struggle of the dry spell here in Cordova. I'm excited for the area
and hope we can get to work!!

Well that's about all I got. Life is simple and it is so good. Love you all


Elder Kayden Michael Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission
                                                         Muck tuck 😷😷😷 (black is the hide, pink is the blubber)

Monday, November 7, 2016

Better days✔️ Week #30

Hey Fam

So this week has been slow. The work in Cordova is frustrating cause
we just have nobody to teach. We are trying though. I mean all we do
is tract and talk to people, but nobody seems to want to listen. It's
just tough. I just wish everybody would just listen and be baptized haha
but that's not the case.

The highlight of my week was on Saturday the school was putting on a
carnival and we got asked to help out. We were assigned to the prize
table so when kids brought us their tickets they could get prizes.  It
got kind of hectic kids coming at me from all angles with a crazy look
in their eye. It was super fun though.

Something super sad happened this week. We found out that a guy in our
branch, Brother Stamper passed away. He was in a plane crash in
Wyoming. He built his own plane and was getting his flying hours on it to
get it certified and he took off and his door was open I guess so he
went to close it and as he did the plane stalled and crashed and he
died on impact. His wife is 35 and has four kids and his oldest is 13!
I feel for the family and pray for their comfort. I met Brother
Stamper when we had dinner with the Hatch family they invited him. We
played a bored game and Brother Stamper sat next to me and he was just
the funniest guy. He gave me a hard time and he was just awesome. I
hope and wish his family well and will pray for them while they go
through this tough time.

This week has been tough to say the least. Full of struggles and set
backs but the lord gives us these trials to help us grow. So I'm going
to keep my head up and am seeking where I need to grow and as for now
I'm holdin on for better days........

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission