Monday, November 7, 2016

Better days✔️ Week #30

Hey Fam

So this week has been slow. The work in Cordova is frustrating cause
we just have nobody to teach. We are trying though. I mean all we do
is tract and talk to people, but nobody seems to want to listen. It's
just tough. I just wish everybody would just listen and be baptized haha
but that's not the case.

The highlight of my week was on Saturday the school was putting on a
carnival and we got asked to help out. We were assigned to the prize
table so when kids brought us their tickets they could get prizes.  It
got kind of hectic kids coming at me from all angles with a crazy look
in their eye. It was super fun though.

Something super sad happened this week. We found out that a guy in our
branch, Brother Stamper passed away. He was in a plane crash in
Wyoming. He built his own plane and was getting his flying hours on it to
get it certified and he took off and his door was open I guess so he
went to close it and as he did the plane stalled and crashed and he
died on impact. His wife is 35 and has four kids and his oldest is 13!
I feel for the family and pray for their comfort. I met Brother
Stamper when we had dinner with the Hatch family they invited him. We
played a bored game and Brother Stamper sat next to me and he was just
the funniest guy. He gave me a hard time and he was just awesome. I
hope and wish his family well and will pray for them while they go
through this tough time.

This week has been tough to say the least. Full of struggles and set
backs but the lord gives us these trials to help us grow. So I'm going
to keep my head up and am seeking where I need to grow and as for now
I'm holdin on for better days........

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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