Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thought Provoking πŸ™Œ Week # 32

Hey there

So another week has flown by. It's crazy the days seem to last forever
but the weeks fly. I'm doing great. The work is still slow, but I am
getting excited for the upcoming holidays. Kind of fun to start seeing
the lights coming up on peoples houses and people getting into the
Christmas spirit.

I'm super excited for thanksgiving, three of the families in our
branch are getting together and doing thanksgiving together so that's
going to be fun and I'm excited to eat some turkey. As we missionaries
we are in charge of bringing the jello. We will see how that goes.

We finally got some more snow here in Cordova. I was beginning to
think it wasn't going to come. This is Alaska though I shouldn't have
doubted. I freaking love the snow. Without it, it's just a cold
wasteland haha so the snow has been nice to have.

Nothing to much going on here just the daily grind, I mean we have fun
there's just not a whole lot to talk about. We get transfer calls this
Friday and I'm pretty sure I'm staying, but I guess we will find out.

Probably the really only cool thing we did was we went down to the
docks trying to contact people but there was nobody down there so we
just took a bunch of pictures haha it wasn't very productive but it
was fun I guess.

One cool thing we had our dinner cancel on us so we went to the powder
house which is a local restaurant and Matt Garner was there. He is the
inactive return missionary. I freaking love that guy. He sat by us and
just talked to us about life and stuff and gave me some solid advice
on things like girls, friends, and life in general. Told me to focus
on my mission and he said and I quote you'll be blessed because of
your beliefs haha deep down he knows the truth in the gospel. He hides
it well though cause he then ordered a beer. No skin off my nose
though he will figure it out though.

This thanksgiving I'm going to have a good one and I feel so extremely
blessed. I have a beautiful family, wonderful friends. This
thanksgiving I am so grateful to be a missionary, I'm grateful for
Jesus Christ, and I'm glad to be a part in this work.

Hope everyone has a turkey filled thanksgiving full of laughs and good times

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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