Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Baby πŸŽ„ Week #.37

So yesterday was Christmas and it was awesome. Probably my favorite
part of the day was to call home and see and talk to my family. They
miss me so much;) haha anyway I want to thank everyone who sent me a
card I loved getting them. Other than calling we went to the Wagners,
who are a family in my ward and we ate breakfast food and she gave us
socks and a tie tack thing. It was fun then after that we went and
visited a few other family's. Christmas was definitely different, but
it was fun. I hope that everyone's Christmas was merry and bright😊

On Christmas Eve we went Christmas caroling and I had so much fun. I
don't know why though. Back home I would never even think about going
caroling. We went to houses and sang and people loved it. The. We went
downtown and sang at some restaurants and all in all it was dope.

Well the rest of the week was a blur. I remember we did work though
haha we had a few lessons here and there. One of them was with
Danielle wek who is preparing to be baptized on the 7th of January and
she is awesome. She has a testimony and is working hard to be
baptized. She is such a great example and she is also helping her
family and friends get ready to hear the message of the restoration of
the gospel.

Sooo Christmas was good. Wish I had more to say but I don't so I love
you guys hope you have a good week and a happy new year

Elder Gentry
Christmas caroling😝😝
Elder Henderson and myself partying it up on Christmas Eve

My favorite peopleπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Monday, December 19, 2016

To Proud to Pout☀️ Week #36

Hey everybody,

So this is my first Christmas on the mission and it's weird. Haha I
feel like I should be home making popcorn balls and Christmas cookies
while watching the grinch and setting up the Christmas decorations.

I've been down lately because of how I think Christmas should be. In
reality though I have had an awesome Christmas season thus far. I had
the opportunity to go to the Sullivan arena which is where the
anchorage hockey team plays and we handed out Christmas toys and food
to less fortunate people. It was cool to interact and talk with them
and about their Christmas traditions. Also I've been able to share the
"light the World" Christmas video with so many people and to see the
gratitude they have shown me because of what I am doing really makes
me feel happy.

So Christmas might not be the same this year but is special. I love
the savior and am so glad that I get to the opportunity to celebrate
his birth by serving him and doing my best to help those here in

On another note this last week has been awesome. We have been working
with a girl named Danielle and she is on date for baptism on the first
Saturday in January and I'm so excited for her. She is happy and has
such a desire to be baptized.

That is one thing I love about the Mountain View Area is that people
are humble and willing to learn more about their savior. We stay
pretty busy and have a good time doing it. Mountain View is crazy
though. The other night I got super creeped out. There was this lady
that was just standing on the corner of the street. Then a half hour
later we drive by again and she was still there. We had to stop at the
stop sign and she was staring into my soul. I didn't know what to do
so I stared back. It was pretty intense then we drove away and never
looked back haha just crazy.πŸ˜‘

Soooo I found my love for Costco, and let me tell you why. So when I
first got to the area I spent all my money on like shampoo and razors
and stuff like that. Costco has a food court and it so good. They have
pizza and hotdogs and chicken bakes and the best part it is super
cheap. I got a slice of pizza a drink and a hotdog for like three
dollars and in Alaska that is unheard of. So Costco is this broke
missionary's go toπŸ•πŸŒ­

Sooo Alaska has been good to me and I'm excited for Christmas coming
and getting to celebrate it as a missionary. Life is good and God is

I hope everybody is enjoying the holidays and having lots of fun.

Love always,

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, December 12, 2016

Tellin You Y πŸ”₯ Week #35

Well everyone, 

 I have made it another week and it has been a good one.
Here in Alaska!! It is getting pretty cold and the days are getting
darker and darker. The coldest I've seen it get here in Anchorage so
far is -10 and that's no fun to be in. The struggle with the dark is that I
just feel tired all the time. I don't know if it is my head or what,
but at the same time when the night does eventually get here I can't
sleep. I am also in the ghetto part of Anchorage so there isn't too
much Christmas spirit running around. We are sure to listen to
Christmas jams in our car because my companions and myself are
definitely in the Christmas mood.

The highlight of this last week was probably the Ward Christmas party
and it was lit. They had prime rib and lots of good food. On the other
hand we had 5 non members that we invited show up which was really
good to see them meet the members and making friends and having a good

So a quick story which had me a little sketched out was we were
contacting a lady and we ended in this really run down apartment and
we knocked the door and the door behind us opened and then closed it
just as fast. Then the next thing we hear is mumbling, but we did hear
he word gun. So we were like yea let's get the heck out of here. So we
quickly walked back to the truck and left. It was crazy to see the
least. So that is my crazy story for the week.

The work here in Airport Heights is more than enough to keep us busy
which is nice to not worry how we are going to fill our day with
things to do.

I love this work and am so grateful for this time that I have to be
serving as a full time missionary. The lord has blessed me and has
helped me to grow in so many ways. I truly have a testimony that this
gospel brings peace and comfort to all of us in the hardest of times.
The savior in all reality sunk below us all, so he could lift all of
us up !

I hope you guys are all enjoying the Utah weather and that big yellow
ball in the sky☀️ cause I miss it, I love you all and hope that you
all are having a great Christmas season.  Keep it real


Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

But, I'm okay πŸ‘Œ Week #34

Hey fam

Hey everybody so my first week here in  Airport Heights was sweet. I really
enjoy this area and it has been good. It is super weird to be teaching
again haha in Cordova we didn't do to much teaching so it's nice to
stay busy and have fun.

My new companions are Elder Parks and Elder Stephan. We are in a trio
because Elder Stephan is going home in 10 days which is crazy. I keep
getting put with these trunky kids that are ready to go home, but man
I love him though he is a dope missionary.

It's crazy to be in Anchorage with all these people. So many people I
don't know what to do. There are more people in a square block than
the entire city of Cordova.  Also everything here is so cheap compared
to Cordova which is cool. The one downside is it's cold in Anchorage.
The temperature here right now is zero degrees and it is cold. In
Cordova it sits at a cool 35 which I miss.

Anyway everything has been good and I love being around other
missionaries again. Today for p- day we are going to go bowling and
that's going to be sick I haven't bowled in a while so that will be
fun. Then we are going to b-ball out at the chapel.

Work wise here in Airport Heights is going really good. We are currently
working with a family and we also have another girl we are
working with that is on date to bebaptized on the 17 of December. So it's
 been awesome. Also I am in anapartment which is cool except the shower 
suck here. I actually miss showering in the font cause it was actually pretty nice.
 Anyway life has been good. I am excited to see what this area is going to bring
anyway hope you all have a good week


Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Thursday, December 1, 2016

1️⃣ in the kids in the Ghetto Week #33

Hey everybody!

So we got Transfer calls.... and Cordova is going to be closing for
now. They don't have enough missionaries to keep it open with all the
missionaries that are headed home this Thursday. So I am being
transferred to the Airport Heights ward in Mountain view which is in
North Anchorage. This place is the straight Ghetto like you hear gun
shots all the time and it's just a crazy place so I'm kind of excited
it will be fun. The bummer is that I'm leaving all these cool families
that I was going to spend Christmas with. I love this branch down here
so much.

President Robinson said that. Cordova could open up as soon as 1
transfer but I won't come down here again. So the lucky missionaries
that do I envy them. Anyway I am excited to get out of the Alaska bush
and head back to the city where things are affordable, so that will be

Thanksgiving was sick. We spent it going to members houses and just
eating like kings and just had a lot of fun. I made a pie to take over
to the main dinner that we went to. I made the dough. Just followed
the box instructions haha and I actually burnt the first crust but the
second came out in perfection. Had that nice golden brown crust. Then
I made chocolate pudding and put it in the pie and let it cool. Let's
just say the pie got eaten, quick 😜

Right now I'm all packed and ready to catch my plane on Wednesday to
head to anchorage the only thing I do t have packed is a set of cloths
and my blankets. It feels weird to be leaving Cordova so quickly but
I'm excited to see a lot of my buddies that are now serving in
anchorage. It's going to be lit in anchorage is all I'm going to say.

Life is good and I'm moving on. I'm excited for the next adventure and
living life. Plus it's Christmas season who isn't happy this time of
year? Haha love you guys.

Peace and love 🌌

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission