Thursday, December 1, 2016

1️⃣ in the kids in the Ghetto Week #33

Hey everybody!

So we got Transfer calls.... and Cordova is going to be closing for
now. They don't have enough missionaries to keep it open with all the
missionaries that are headed home this Thursday. So I am being
transferred to the Airport Heights ward in Mountain view which is in
North Anchorage. This place is the straight Ghetto like you hear gun
shots all the time and it's just a crazy place so I'm kind of excited
it will be fun. The bummer is that I'm leaving all these cool families
that I was going to spend Christmas with. I love this branch down here
so much.

President Robinson said that. Cordova could open up as soon as 1
transfer but I won't come down here again. So the lucky missionaries
that do I envy them. Anyway I am excited to get out of the Alaska bush
and head back to the city where things are affordable, so that will be

Thanksgiving was sick. We spent it going to members houses and just
eating like kings and just had a lot of fun. I made a pie to take over
to the main dinner that we went to. I made the dough. Just followed
the box instructions haha and I actually burnt the first crust but the
second came out in perfection. Had that nice golden brown crust. Then
I made chocolate pudding and put it in the pie and let it cool. Let's
just say the pie got eaten, quick 😜

Right now I'm all packed and ready to catch my plane on Wednesday to
head to anchorage the only thing I do t have packed is a set of cloths
and my blankets. It feels weird to be leaving Cordova so quickly but
I'm excited to see a lot of my buddies that are now serving in
anchorage. It's going to be lit in anchorage is all I'm going to say.

Life is good and I'm moving on. I'm excited for the next adventure and
living life. Plus it's Christmas season who isn't happy this time of
year? Haha love you guys.

Peace and love 🌌

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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