Wednesday, December 7, 2016

But, I'm okay πŸ‘Œ Week #34

Hey fam

Hey everybody so my first week here in  Airport Heights was sweet. I really
enjoy this area and it has been good. It is super weird to be teaching
again haha in Cordova we didn't do to much teaching so it's nice to
stay busy and have fun.

My new companions are Elder Parks and Elder Stephan. We are in a trio
because Elder Stephan is going home in 10 days which is crazy. I keep
getting put with these trunky kids that are ready to go home, but man
I love him though he is a dope missionary.

It's crazy to be in Anchorage with all these people. So many people I
don't know what to do. There are more people in a square block than
the entire city of Cordova.  Also everything here is so cheap compared
to Cordova which is cool. The one downside is it's cold in Anchorage.
The temperature here right now is zero degrees and it is cold. In
Cordova it sits at a cool 35 which I miss.

Anyway everything has been good and I love being around other
missionaries again. Today for p- day we are going to go bowling and
that's going to be sick I haven't bowled in a while so that will be
fun. Then we are going to b-ball out at the chapel.

Work wise here in Airport Heights is going really good. We are currently
working with a family and we also have another girl we are
working with that is on date to bebaptized on the 17 of December. So it's
 been awesome. Also I am in anapartment which is cool except the shower 
suck here. I actually miss showering in the font cause it was actually pretty nice.
 Anyway life has been good. I am excited to see what this area is going to bring
anyway hope you all have a good week


Elder Kayden M. Gentry

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