Monday, November 13, 2017

REAL EYES πŸ‘€, REALIZE, REAL LIES πŸ˜† Week #82 11.13.17

Hey everybody it’s been another exciting week here in Alaska! It finally snowed here in Juneau and we got buckets. It’s been awesome. I love the snow mostly because it’s not rain haha! Things are great though it’s getting colder and colder and darker and darker but this year I what to expect so I’m not to worried...

So as everyone has already noticed our mission just approved for us to have Facebook. So at MLC we all got trained and we have been using it. I’m still super confused on how to use it for proselyting, but it’s been a learning experience.  It was super weird to get on Facebook and see all the people and how different everyone’s lives are so different. Also feel like everybody is getting married haha super weird.  Facebook is awesome super exciting to be able to use this tool to further the work along and help people to learn more about Christ.

The work here in Juneau is awesome. We have three people on date for baptism here in our ward and things are really good. We have been super busy lately with teaching and finding new people to teach as well with all the political stuff and putting trainings together for Zone Conference and for our other meetings. 

Not a lot other than that has been going on. Umm things are really good though and we are trying to stay busy even during the winter but we are super excited for somethings coming up for the holidays. 

Well I love you all and hope you have a good week.

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Life in the AK🏞 Week #81 11/06/2017

Hey so things have been really good. This last week has been like all sunshine until today it has been really cloudy today, Of course on P Day it gets all cloudy and cold. It’s all good though we heard it’s supposed to snow soon. That’s what I am hoping for anyway.

So we had daylight savings and now it gets dark about 4 to 4:30 which is super depressing. But it’s okay. 

This has been a super good week though. We had transfers and my New Companion is Elder Kapeliela and it has been awesome. Such a good missionary. He’s half Tongan and half Hawaiian 🌺. He Is really cool. We have a lot of fun. He is way laid back. 

This week we had stake conference and our mission president came to Juneau so that was cool. We got to listen to him speak and we got to spend some time with him. I Love President Toone. 

Right now the work is good. We are try to find some more people to teach and our ward Mission leader is helping us out a lot. So we are excited and hoping that we can help some more people.

Sorry there’s not really a whole lot that went on this week! I hope that you all have a great week. 
Love always
Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tongan Parties πŸ’― and King Crab πŸ¦€ Week # 80 10/30/2017

Hey Fam

So it’s been another week and it’s still rainy.... we did get like two days of sunshine but at the same time the fog was pretty gnarly soo it wasn’t to different haha! It’s been an awesome week tho it’s starting to get darker and darker but still no snow yet. I’m rea

dy for the snow so it’ll stop raining ❄️ 

The week was pretty plain Jane. Even on Monday it was raining super hard so we just kicked it with the district at the church and played games.  It was actually a lot of fun. 

The rest of the week was good. We had some really good lessons and am working on the potentials we have and preparing them for baptism. The work here is so good. Our ward Mission leader is insane and is so good at his calling. Yesterday in church we were talking about a potential and I was like when would be a good time that we could visit her? And he was like “no.. I will visit here and will let you know”. He knows how to fellowship and make friends. This guy is amazing.  

Soo big news this week we got our transfers calls. The power Duo Hunter&Gentry is over haha seriously going to miss that guy. We had a blast and probably the quickest 3 months of my mission. Elder Hunter is going to Anchorage to serve in the Klatt ward and I am of coarse staying and my new Companion is Elder Kapeliela. He is a way good missionary and a super nice guy. He is awesome he was in my first district when I first came out on my mission. He’s a stud so I’m super stoked for this next transfer. It’s going to be a lot of fun. 

So yesterday we had a sweet lesson over Skype. There is a girl named Alice in Petersburg which is an island in south East Alaska and we have missionaries going there next week but in the mean time Elder Hunter and I have been teaching here. Super cool to have a lesson with the technology and you can still feel the spirit super strong.  Teaching that lesson I realized how well Elder Hunter and I teach together so I’m going to miss that. 

Also one of the big highlights from this week was the primary program on Sunday. So awesome to see the kids sing and do their parts. There was this little Tongan girl who sang I feel my saviors love and man it was sweet. Also the family that we just baptized Allie and her kids. They were all involved and while her kids were up there doing their thing it was so nice to see Allie and watch her watching her kids she was so happy and emotional. Families are forever it was an awesome experience. 

As far as the subject line goes there is a kid out here that is preparing to go on his mission and he gave his farewell talk and then later they had a party and oh man was it a party. I love the Tongan culture. So much food it was insane. Then they make what is called oti (o-tie) it’s like a fruit drink that still has chunks in it soo yummy. Then there was salmon and shrimp and king crab. Oh my goodness these crabs are huge I have pictures just so you can see. Pretty sure I’ll never be able to eat sea food again unless I’m in Alaska because I have eaten the best in the world. So good. Lots of Tongan food as well so you know I over indulged haha I’m getting super fat since being here In this ward.

Well that’s all o have this week. I’m excited for the upcoming transfer and all the new memories. I hope that you all have a good week. Love you

Love always 
Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission 

Friday, October 27, 2017

JuneauπŸ™ Week #79 10/23/2017

My gosh so it’s been another week... what the heck time is flying by so quickly I don’t even understand it, but it feels good so no complaints. Other than its starting to get dark rather quickly. It’s dark about 5:45 ish but it’s always dark though because of the cloud cover, but that’s okay! 

This week was super normal haha lots of good work with minimal Distractions. We had the traveling STL Sister Oliver come to Juneau to do a 3 day exchange with the sisters here. That was a lot of fun to have somebody new around. Although we didn’t really see them to much.  It was super funny though we asked her to bring baptismal records down because we really need them because right now we have 4 baptisms that we performed and haven't filled out any records. She then asked us if we needed anything else so we gave her. A list of supplies that we needed and when she got here she brought everything except the record forms haha πŸ˜† she felt super bad but it’s all good we should get them tomorrow! 

Also this week we were able to visit lots of members and help them in their missionary efforts and helping us find people to teach. It’s been super good and we are looking forward to the teaching opportunities that we have. I absolutely love this ward because they understand missionary work and how it’s supposed to be that’s why this ward is the highest baptizing in the Mission. They are awesome.

Umm something super cool out Recent Convert Dylan, we just started the new member lessons with him. He is 18 and he told us that he had a dream that he was serving a mission. That was so exciting to hear of course he has to wait a least a year but that’s okay he wants to go to snow college in the mean time so hopefully when the time comes I will be there to help him. Such an awesome kid and he’s getting the Aaronic Priesthood this week. 

Things are going super good for me. Transfers are this next week and I will be getting s new companion which I always get super nervous for especially when i have a Comp like Elder Hunter the kid is so awesome.  But change is always good! So wish me luck 

Umm that’s all I have this week and I have like no pictures either. The one is of me and my homie at church Eddie he is super funny and kind of a strange kid but he is awesome.  The other one is of us chillin in a hammock with my comp and then the last one is me and and man Nephi at a service! 

Well hope you all have a good week! Love you all

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission 

Monday, October 16, 2017

18 Months...😎 Week #78 10.16.17

So this week has been Busy... it’s been a super good week. Just seems like I turn around it’s already Monday again.

We started off last Monday and we went to this super sweet Catholic Shrine. It was awesome inside the chapel thing we brought a ukulele and played songs and had a super fun jam session. Then we took some sweet squad pics. Then for the rest of the night we picked up missionaries from the air port and got them fed and then they all spent the night in our double wide trailer Haha super fun night though!!

Then on Tuesday we had our Zone Conference. This one was a little different. We did the whole conference in P day cloths which was strange but kind of nice to get out of the suit. We did give a 45 minute training in jeans and a hoodie haha it was fun though. Then the second half of the conference we did skits and talents as districts and as companionships. It was really fun. Then after the conference we sent some missionaries to service while we finished up interviews with our mission President and we were all done by 5 so we ate dinner as a Zone and then just played sports until 9. It was a lot of fun. Zone conferences is Juneau are seriously the best!

The rest of the week was pretty normal but on Saturday we did have 3 baptisms. Allie and her kids. They are an amazing family. She has two little girls one named Catalina and the other Peyton and they kill me they are so cute. Catalina is my best friend haha. The Baptism was awesome I’ve never seen such good fellowshipping from the members. They are awesome. This whole ward is amazing 

Sunday was a pretty good day. We got to help with the confirmations and help give the gift of the Holy Ghost to Allie and her two kids Leo and savanna. It was an awesome experience. We also were asked to speak in sacrament. They didn’t give us topic they said just whatever we wanted to talk about which can sometimes can be a lot harder then just being given a topic. I ended up speaking on the Holy Ghost because of the confirmations it was a good talk and I’ve actually started to enjoy speaking in church. I think this has been like my 8 talk in sacrament meeting since being on my mission haha.

But those are like the highlights of the week. It’s been a super good week and has been super fun!! This week should be really fun to not to much going on so we actually get to dig our feet in a little bit and do some good work so I’m pretty excited to do some work!

Well have a good week everybody love you all

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alright!!πŸ‘Œ Week # 77 10.09.17

Okay soo.... sorry for last week! Just had like no time! But now we are back in Juneau this week and I have plenty of time haah.

So last Monday morning we were up super early and headed to Anchorage. We were in Anchorage until Thursday. The reason being is that we had exchanges with the Assistants to the President and then on Wednesday we had MLC. Super good meeting. We were able to talk about the goals of the mission and things that we could improve on. The meeting got over about 4:00 pm and we had the rest of the night we had to do whatever we wanted. So I went and visited some missionaries and it was so good to see a lot of them. Made me miss a lot of the guys I used to serve around. It was so weird to be driving around anchorage in my old stomping grounds. So many great memories.

So early Thursday morning we got to the airport and our flight actually got delayed so we sat there for like two hours but it was awesome we were able to share the Restoration and the Book of Mormon with this guy that. Is from Ketchikan. Eventually we got on the plane and when we landed in Juneau I gave him a card with the Elders in Ketchikan phone number! He said thanks and yea I have some questions so hopefully he will actually hit them up.

It was so nice to go to anchorage but it made me really miss Juneau. I was glad to be back. So instantly we got back into the grind and it felt good. We were able to set up some lessons with potentials and invite some peeps to church. 

Saturday was awesome. Dylan was baptized and the service was wonderful. It went so smoothly and Dylan was super nervous but really excited. I’m so glad that we have been able to help him on this journey. Super funny though the water in the font was like ice cold... we don’t know what’s up but the boiler is trash. But have 3 more baptisms this coming Saturday and so hopefully we can get the water pretty warm for them because two of them are kidsπŸ™€

Sunday was awesome... so it was fast and testimony meeting and the two kids who are 9 and 8 that are getting baptized this Sunday got up and savanna said how thankful she was that God gave her family hope to learn and grow! And the boy Leo got up and said a prayer in front of the whole congregation! I freakin love this family they have two little girls that are 4 and 2 names are Catalina and Peyton seriously the cutest little girls... it has been so fun to help teach them and prepare them for baptism!

My Birthday was awesome I got experience all of that and the members made it super fun. Last night we had dinner over at our ward Mission leaders home brother Sekona and we ate with a part member family and we had king crab and salmon and chicken and sushi and salad and Oti which is a Tongan drink that is super yummyπŸ˜‹ so officially I’m 21 and have spent my last birthday as a missionary seriously two birthday that I will never forget 

It’s weird to see the weather changing and the leaves changing. We are starting to see snow on the top of the mountains so it’s only a matter of time before it gets down here. I’m actually super excited for the snow to come I just can’t actually believe that it’s already almost here. Super crazy I feel like the snow just melted haha it’s all good though I’m ready for the winter and the dark to come. Now I know what to expect.

Life is good and this area Keeps is super busy! I love it we are teaching all the time and am able to help people come closer t9 their savior. Honestly don’t ever want to leave Juneau... but I still have a minute. Here so I’m going to soak it up. 

Today should be pretty busy we have to pick up all the missionaries today as they are all flying in for our Zone Conference tomorrow. Which I’m not super pumped about because we have to train the missionaries for 45 minutes but it’s a part of the gig I love getting to see the missionaries though I love these guys never thought you could get so close with a bunch of dudes but they are all so awesome.. 

Well that’s about all I got I love you guys and hope that you have an amazing week..

Love always 

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Short OneπŸ•΅️ Week#76 10.02.17

Hey Fam

So this email is going to be pretty short. This morning we woke up and was on a plane by 6:30 am. We are in anchorage until Thursday for meetings and other stuff I’ll explain more next week. Kind of a bummer though because we will have been out of our area for almost a week! 

Umm general conference was really good. I took a lot of notes and want to apply a lot of what I learned to the mission. I’m excited to go back through and read the talks and learn more.

Last week we finished up the commandments lesson with Dylan and he will be baptized this Saturday so we are super excited for him. The cool thing is that he is planning on going to snow college in the spring so hopefully he will get to come to my homecoming. That would be pretty sweet.

Anyway we are super busy today I love you all and hope that you have an awesome week!

Scatter Sunshine ☀️ Week #75 09.25.17

So it's been a solid week here in Juneau. We had two sunny days in the
same week and that is unheard of... it was super good though. It's
starting to get dark quick though which means the winter is coming.
The leaves here are starting to turn color just a little bit but it's
still actually really green still.

So this week was just a normal week full of missionary work. On Monday
we got to say goodbye to one of the kids in our wards that is headed
off on his mission. His name is Mahina. He is going to the Orem Utah
Mission and he is really excited. It was fun to get to know him before
he took off.

On Tuesday we had missionaries flyin in and out getting to their new
areas so we were pretty busy just getting them around and to and from
the airport. And then on Wednesday was basically the same. Wednesday
was a super sunny day and we ended up going downtown which we do all
the time, but we went right up to the docks and as people flooded off
the boats we talked to them and passed out cards with a picture of
Jesus. There were a few members that got off and took pictures with us
it was a lot of fun. We had lots of good conversations and just
enjoyed walking around and talking to tons of people.

Oh we also saw a pretty cool little old red car so we took a pic by it
so I'll attach that haha. This week we had quite a few lessons and
they went good. Our best one was with Dylan. He is preparing to be
baptized on the 7th of October and he is doing so well. His best
friends are preparing to serve missions and have been big influences
on him. This next semester he is going to go to snow college in Utah
and I'll home before he gets done with school. So I'm hoping to catch
up with him then and hopefully help him to get out and serve a mission
for himself. That would be so sick.

This week we got to do some solid service. We helped out at Helping
hands and that's always super fun and then we ended up helping this
lady in another ward move some stuff and getting all settled and
helped her clean out her storage unit. On the bright side we got a
free couch out of it for the crib.

Umm not much else has been going on I'll have a lot more coming in the
next couple of weeks because it's about to get super busy up here in
the Juneau Zone.

Life is good and we are headed to the tram today to check out the top
of the mountain and the shops that are up there. Well I hope you all
have a good week and I will talk to you later.

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission