Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Elder Foster of the 70😎 Week #75 9/18/17

So this week has been super sweet. It was also a super busy week but
that's what I like to be honest. I can't believe that it's already
Monday again.

So last Monday we went fishing and it was awesome. We caught 5 fish as
a group. We took two of them home. Sadly I didn't catch any myself but
it was way different fishing than I have ever done but it was a ton of
fun. Basically you wait until you see the salmon in the water and you
toss the line in over them and you just try to snag them out of the
water. The hook goes through its side or back and you reel it in.
Super fun. I have some videos and pics of us so I'll send them.

During the week we did a lot of finding so that was good. We tracted a
lot of doors and it was actually pretty fun. a Elder a Hunter and I
have a lot of fun with it. There are a lot of strange people that live
here in Juneau.

So the busy time started on Wednesday, we picked up the Elders from
the airport and bussed them over to our trailer and we ended up making
lasagna which was cool. We made it for lunch for Elder Foster and our
Mission President for the next day. Then we just hung out with the
elders and had a blast.

Thursday we set up for our conference and then Elder Hunter and I went
to the airport and picked up Elder Foster and our Mission President.
So I gave the car I was driving to our President and then got in with
Elder Hunter and the General Authority. It was a really cool

The conference was awesome he gave us a lot of good ideas and we are
excited to implement them into the Zone and see miracles. Elder Hunter
and I have been working super hard and we are finally seeing miracles.
So just yesterday we had a lesson with a kid named Dylan and we taught
the restoration and the spirit was really strong and we were able to
invite him to be baptized on October 7thand he accepted. It was
awesome so we are excited for that.

Also we have seen a lot of other teaching miracles with people
committing to be baptized so the work is really starting to take off
and it's exciting.

Life is really good for me right now and I'm pumped to see how much we
can get done. We just had Transfer calls and we are staying together
another Transfer so I'm pretty stoked.

So funny story of the week. I kept hearing noises in the kitchen and
had no idea what it was. So anyway one night I was doing the dishesj
and I looked in the silverware drawer and there was a bunch of food
like stuck in the corners and I thought some of the other elders were
playing tricks on us. So I cleaned it out and when I was done using
the paper towels I put them under the sink. Fast forward to the next
day I heard something again and I looked under the sink and the paper
towels were all munched on and some of the spatulas were under the
sink that I had just washed the night before and put into the drawer
so we knew we had s little creature. We went to the store and bout a
rat trap and we tied it to the cupboard and a day later we had a
squirrel. Haha that little menace...  but yea it was super weird but
it came together haha anyway that's my story

Well I hope all of you have a great week.

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Cloudy and 55💯 9/11/2017 week #73

So Juneau is awesome and I love it but man it rains way to much.... the clouds never seem to depart, but it is nice in the sense that it keeps it nice and cool all the time. On the few sunny days that we have had it only gets to maybe 70 degrees outside and it's way to hot
and I can't handle it. I don't know how I'm going to adjust when I get home!! Way to hot in Utah so I guess you could say I'm pretty grateful that I get to be in Alaska for another 7 months.

Ummm this week has been great. The biggest thing we did was we flew down to Anchorage for our MLC meeting. We got to Anchorage super late till about 11:00 pm and then we had the meeting and it was awesome by far the best meeting in the mission. It was tough though because it started at 8:30 am and ended about 4:30! Then we ran a few errands and was back at the airport headed to Juneau by 6:00! It was a lot of fun but also super exhausting.

This last Tuesday we had our district meeting and we went to the other district meeting and it was all on the computers but it was my old district that I was in while I was in Whitehorse. During the meeting we got a call to give a blessing to a baby. It was awesome. The little
girl was only two months old and just a tiny little thin and I was able to bless her. It was different but the spirit was really strong.

So this week we have a General authority coming up and we have a Zone Conference so we have spent a lot of time figuring out Logistics for all the missionaries flying in which is crazy and then literally we're having transfers next week so it's going to be crazy. It keeps us busy though and I love that because it helps me to stay focused and time goes so quickly when you are busy.

Last  Monday was really boring, we decided to switch it up, and play basketball haha just kidding, anyway today we are actually getting ready to go fishing here pretty soon so that will be sweet. We're about to go catch some Alaskan salmon here in Juneau. What a dream I'm super stoked. Hopefully we will get lots of fish so we can pig out on some salmon yum

Well this week we have been doing s lot of finding and we sat down with our district leader and we made goals as a companionship and talked about the work I'm super excited about the work we have and I hope it all works out. Life is super good and I'm ready for another great week..

Well love you all have a great week.

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

1. Elder Hunter and I pre feast at a members;)

2. Tourist photo at the mall

3&4. Our flight back to Juneau

5. The view from on of our members home 🏡

Monday, September 4, 2017

Juneau 🏔 9.04.2017 Week #72

Wow... so another awesome week has gone by! Crazy, but this week has
been so good. Lots of miracles and the Lord blesses me everyday.

So Tuesday was awesome I got to go on exchanges with Elder Haupeakui
and we did a lot of good work and I got to help him. I love serving
the missionaries. They are some of my closest friends.

Really cool miracle this week is that we got to help out this lady
named rose move. She is from South Sudan and she's awesome. We showed
up and asked her if we could help her move in and she let us and she
just started to cry. It's an amazing feeling to just help somebody.
She invited us back once they get settled in for dinner so we are
looking forward to that and hopefully we will get to teach her.

As we have gone out looking for less actives we have found lots of
potentials and Elder Hunter and I am super excited to do some
teaching. Next week we have a lot of appointments that we are stoked
for. I just hope that they all progress in the gospel because I know
it will change their lives.

Ummm nothing super funny happened this week. Just same ole same ole. I
know that funny things happen I just don't remember them so maybe I'll
need to start writing them down so I can share them.

Last week we got to do quite a bit of Street contacting down by the
ships and that has been a lot of fun. We got some pics to so I will
attach those. The funniest thing we walked into was we started talking
to these two guys about the Book of Mormon and they were like "yea we
believe in the Book of Mormon" and so of course we thought they were
members but they we apart of the reformed LDS church hahaha super
funny that was the first time that I ran into that but they were super
nice though.

It's also a lot of fun because there are quite of few members that are
on these cruise ships so it's a lot of fun to talk to them and they
are super nice.

Umm last Monday we got to go hike nugget falls again and that was a
lot of fun as well. Super easy but beautiful hike so it's more my
style I guess 😂

On Saturday we got to go tracting and that was super good. It was
actually sunny and we met lots of cool people. No super solid
potentials but it was a good time and fun to get and and do some solid

Anyway that was my week and I feel blessed. The work is amazing and so
grateful that I get to be out here doing it while rubbing shoulders
with these awesome missionaries. Life is great I mean I'm living in
freakin Juneau Alaska it couldn't get any better ;)

I love you all

Have a great week.

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Life is Good 😊 8.28.2017 Week #71

Wow I can hardly believe that it's already almost September! That's
seriously insane... but it's been another great week here in Juneau
and already week 4 of the transfer.

So Zone Conference went really well. It was fun because all the Elders
that flew in from all the Islands and Whitehorse stayed at our
trailer. So we had about 18 Elders all in one double wide trailer haha
as you can imagine it was a blast. The conference itself went really
good. Elder Hunter and I trained the missionaries on how to work more
with the members to find people to teach. It was awesome. It ended at
about 3:30 pm on Tuesday and for the rest of the day we watched church
movies and then we ordered pizza and ate at the church and then we
played basketball and dodgeball  at the church until 9:00! Zone
Conferences in Juneau are off the chain. In any other Zone once it's
over you just go back to your areas and work. So we're pretty lucky
down here in Juneau.

Now that Conference is over and we got everybody on their flights the
rest of the week was smooth sailing. The stress was gone and Elder
Hunter and I could dig into the work. It's been an awesome week
though. We have been working hard to meet with a lot of the
prospective Elders and the over age youth looking to pick that low
hanging fruit ;)

The best thing that happened this last week was our investigator Pama
got baptized. She's a G. I love her she is so funny and so very humble
and teachable. The baptize went really well I got to give the talk on
the Holy Ghost 👻 I love baptisms they are the best. Pics to come.

On Thursday the ward had a beach party and that was fun we played tug
o war and ate lots of food and played volley ball. It was a blast I
have some pics and a video

Sunday was really good to. We head to church around 8:15 am and we get
home just after 3:30 because we cover the Ward and the YSA and it's a
lot of fun. We get to help out in he mission prep class and it's a lot
of fun because they look to us in like everything. They think we are
like pros haha it's so funny. They are good kids.

Well not to much else has been going one but life is good and I'm
excited for this next week to really just get to work and see who I
can help and serve this week.

Oh so last night we were at dinner with our ward Mission leader and
they had their back door open and I guess the smell of the food
attracted this cute little bear and one of the family members saw it
quick and closed the door and he chilled for a second. He was a lot
closer at first but I didn't hunk to take pictures right of the bat so
I got some as he was walking away. Super crazy the lifestyle here in
Juneau it's so pretty though

Have a good week everybody hope that life is treating you all well.

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry
Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, August 21, 2017

Busy! Busy! ⚠️ Week #70 August 21 2017

Hey so it's been another crazy week here in Juneau and this one has
been Stressful. It has been good though.

So we were able to meet with and teach Pama a couple of times this
week. On Saturday we were able to have her baptismal interview and she
passed with flying colors. It was so cool and I'm way excited for her.
She told us she's the last one in her family to be baptized Mormon.
She is from Samoa and her family was married in the Temple but they
fell away and went to another church growing up. She's excited though
and her baptism has excited her whole family and we're hoping it will
help bring them all back to church.

We also had a lot of good people to visit. We're really focusing on
the over age youth in the ward and seeing why they haven't been
baptized and and hopefully we will get to teach some of theses
families soon. So exciting things are happening.

Elder Hunter, my companion is a stud and he hit his 1 year mark on
Thursday. So of course we went out and got some pizza. It was super
good 😊 Elder Jaken Hunter is from Pleasant Grove,Utah and we have a
ton in common. He played football and loves to hunt and do all sort of
things. He is definitely one of my favorite Companions. I've learned a
lot from him and he's going places. I'm pretty sure he will be the
Next AP but I guess we will find out in a couple of months haha
hopefully then he can set me up in my next area ;)

Sooo for the stressful part of my week, so me and Elder Hunter have to
give a 45 minute training to the missionaries in our Zone for Zone
Conference coming up this Tuesday so we have spent a lot of time
putting that together. On top of that we have had to figure out a lot
of Logistics from them we had to call and tell each companionship
about their flights and ferries to get her to Juneau and then we have
to find places for each of them to sleep and then set up all of their
times for their interviews with President Toone. Honestly I didn't
know this much went into Zone Conference but it has been a pretty big
Headache. Biggest reason is because we are here in Juneau and Zone
Conference is an all day thing and not just a few hours. Even after
Zone Conference were in charge of making sure 20 missionaries are
staying busy and then after all the interviews are done we will be
going to the gym and just play some games and then Wednesday Morning
we have to get all of them to the airport so they can get back to all
of their areas.

Then on top of all of that we got asked to speak in Sacrament
Yesterday in the YSA. I gave my talk based off of Elder D. Todd
Christofferson "Voice of Warning". It went really good I spoke for
about 16 minutes and it was good. Then right after church we got asked
if we could speak in our family ward on the 15 of October but that's a
minute or two away so I'm not going to stress it. Anyway

So yea we have a lot going on this week but we have prepared and now
I'm pretty excited it will be super nice to see all the missionaries
in the Zone and get to visit with them.

Life is all good and I'm pretty excited to just continue to work as
hard as I can. I love it here in Juneau. It doesn't ever stop raining
but haha it's all good. It's so pretty I'll actually take some pics
next week so I can share it all with you guys.

Anyway I love you all have a great week.

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, August 14, 2017

Fire 🔥 Week #69 8/14/2017

So this week has been good. I can't believe it's already been another
week. But all is well and the work is going great.

Umm so first off this week I got home and settled into my new
apartment and then my President gave us a call and wanted us to move
into the Juneau trailer which is a double wide next to the stake
center out here. There are already a set of missionaries in there and
he wants to save on money and it's a test run for the rest of the
mission to see if 4 missionaries can live together without being to
wild. Haha so I had to pack up all of my stuff and haul it across
Juneau it was good though. So we live with the Auke bay Elders and
it's awesome. My companion is elder Hunter and he is awesome and the
other two are elder Watkins and elder call who are really cool. I
served around Elder Watkins while he was in Anchorage and now he is
one of our district leaders in our zone. It's been good to work with

A big portion of the week we have been hauling missionaries to and
from the ferry and the airport as they went to Anchorage to get their
new companions and then headed back to their area. It was kind of
weird because for some of it I was in the car by myself as my comp
drove the other car on the way back haha it was kind of sweet though.

It's been fun though since being here in Juneau. We have met with a
lot of families and one of them is the son to a family that I was
very close with in Cordova and that was awesome to talk with him about
his family and Cordova. The members here are awesome and super excited
about missionary work. We just got another set of missionaries in our
ward so now there are four of us because the work here is really good.

We got to teach the restoration to an investigator named Pama she is a
Samoan girl and the spirit was so strong. We invited her to be
baptized for the 26th of this month so we are super excited to be
working with her and helping her to be ready for that.

Life is good here in Juneau, it definitely rains here.... a lot but
that's chill I have lots of rain gear from Cordova so I think I'll be
okay. I'm just excited to be here and they are putting us to work.
Just in this next week I get to talk in sacrament meeting in both the
YSA branch and then in the ward as well. So that will be good and then
we have a lot of other stuff coming in the next week and then Zone
Conference that we have to start preparing for. My companion and
myself have to give a 40 minute training... yikes we will see how that

Well this week we also got to go out and see the plaque for the
missionary dedicatory prayer and that was awesome. Cool to see the
history of this mission start right here in Juneau Alaska.

Also on Tuesday we got to go and see John Bytheway who is an LDS

speaker and pretty famous when it comes to missionaries. He was up on
one of the cruises and decided to come and speak to the youth so we
were able to attend and got a pic with him. He is awesome and a great

Umm well that's about all I have for this week I hope all is good 😊

Keep the faith

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission
Pic with the crew and John Bytheway Aka... jbtwttdubs

Downtown Juneau

Dedicatory Plaque