Monday, January 9, 2017

I'm All The away Up⚔️ Week #39

Hey everybody, 

So,  this week has been pretty good and pretty bad.  I'll
start with the good. First things first...  as a lot of you might know we
got a new missionary schedule. We do a lot of the same things but we
now get to choose when we do it and and we have a lot more freedom. It
feels good to be able to do stuff they way I like it and to feel like we have more
trust. That was pretty cool to hear about. 

The work here has been picking up and we have gotten 3 new
investigators. So hopefully we will be able to start teaching them and
eventually get the prepared for baptism. Danielle,  the girl that we
have been working with;  is struggling with a few things so we have had
to push her baptism back again. We will just continue to work with her
and do what we can to help her.

We got transfer calls on Friday and Elder Parks and I are both staying
for another transfer and I'm actually pretty excited. It'll probably
go by fast because we have a lot of work. Time keeps flying and it
blows my mind.

Now for the bad....  The only bad part really about this week was I've been sick 😷
 my throat kills and I am full of boogers from my head to my toes. I've been
stocking up on the medicine though and actually woke up this morning
feeling a little better. Being sick is seriously the worst. So say a
quick prayer for me to get better ;).

So one thing about being here in Airport Heights is I swear that nobody
has a car we literally have to block out an hour of our schedule every
Saturday night to call and find rides for our investigators and other
members that we are working with. Sometimes I feel like a freaking taxi service
dispatching calls haha just a part of my missionary work I didn't know existed.

This week we got to have exchanges and I had a good time, me and my
district leader went to what the people here call the beach and we
went out there and took some photos. After that He and I  had like
your typical missionary miracle that was pretty cool. We were going to visit a
lady and when we got to her house she wasn't home but we saw another
lady who needed help taking her groceries up to her apartment, so we
helped her and long story short we taught her and gave her a Book of
Mormon and we are going back on Wednesday.

That experience shows me that when we are doing what we are supposed
to the lord places people in our path that we help and love, which is
what the gospel is all about.

Well this week has been good and I look forward to next week when I
hopefully won't have been sick and I'm up and about. Anyway,  I love you all and 
hope you all have a great week 👌

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission
The Beach Alaska Style 
Gorgeous views 

Sunset 3:30pm  if you could only see how beautiful! 

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