Monday, February 6, 2017

ClearVisionsWithMyEyesClosed💯 Week #42

Friends and Family,

Well hello everyone out in the world..... so this week was pretty
boring so sorry if this email is a little short :/

So this week all of our investigators are progressing really well and
we are trying to commit them to coming to church. We had a lot of
people say that they were coming, but only 1 came. I guess you could
say we're sifting through those that are elect.😑

Soooo one cool thing we did this week was we did this service for the
homeless community and we basically were the security. The homeless
people came and basically ate food for the most part. As far as the
security goes nothing to crazy happened thank goodness because I'm not
really one for confrontation. There was for a second this drunk lady
we was going crazy, and swearing, but I avoided it so I don't know
what happened. We did get these swag vests that said safety patrol..

Last Tuesday I finally talked my comp into letting me cut his hair, I
kind of just went for it and it actually turned out pretty good. I
just tried to remember how my mom used to cut my hair. I have cut
three Elders hair since. I think it's pretty fun. I should start
charging these people for these cuts ✂️ but I am out here to serve
others so maybe when I get back follow in my moms steps and cut hair
to make that green 💰 p.s. In the picture at the bottom at the sushi
place I cut the two Elders hair that are sitting in the front, so tell
me what you think ;)

I don't know much else to say so I guess I will tell you about my
favorite meal, so we went to the Hartley and and we had dominoes pizza
and it was good I really just like the family though.. also the
knudsens took us to this dope Japanese sushi place and I had...
honestly don't even know what it was, I think something called
tempura, I don't know but it was pretty good. Then I had a fried
Twinkie and that was amazing.

So this week it was almost 40 degrees and it was super warm. All the
snow was melting and it was gross. So within like a week and a half it
went from -20 to 40 degrees, freakin nuts. Now it's back down to like
13. And it was snowing on Friday ❄️

Last Monday we went bowling and it was lit. I havnt bowled in a while.
Took me back to the days working at the bowling alley and going out
with my brother Bo and hitting the lanes everyday. I didn't do too
well haha I scored like a 130. It was a lot of fun though, my
companion showed everyone up, he was pretty good 😊

So today we are doing a rematch and also I'm going to go get my
haircut so hopefully that turns out well, I actually have to go pay
for mine, I don't trust anybody touching my hair haha I'll leave it to
the professionals, plus when you go to sports clips and they wash it
for you it's like the best feeling in the world, so I'm pretty pumped
for that lol.

Well so much for this email being short so I guess I'm not sorry, haha
well the mission life is the best and I'm living it up with some true
homies up here. Honestly so grateful for the opportunity I have to
serve especially in a place like ALASKA!!!

I hope you all have a great week and always remember to count your blessings

All love 💛

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission
Mean muggin bowling crew ;)
Selfie game with a fob ( fresh of the boat) he is from Samoa

Lunch at the sushi place with the knudsens. Ps I cut both the
elders in the front hair.

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