Monday, February 20, 2017

🙌Never Had A Chance, So I Had to Go Make One ☝️ Week #44 2/20/2017

Hey Fam,

Hey everyone so it's been another awesome week here in Alaska. This
has been a pretty busy week full of excitement and it felt good.

So on Wednesday we got to go the temple. I honestly love going to the
temple! Especially the Alaska Anchorage Temple. Seriously my favorite
Temple, but that's probably a little bias...

On Thursday we had this huge zone Conference with 6 of the 8 zones.
There were so many missionaries. We also had Elder Ian S. Ardern of
the seventy. It was such a cool opportunity to be able to talk and
shake the hand of a man like him. Also I took a lot of insight from
him and am applying to myself personally and the work here in Alaska.

Friday is the day things started turning up... so we got Transfer
calls and Elder Parks is leaving to the Palmer Zone and I'm staying
here and am going to be getting a new Missionary and I'm super
excited. This will be my first companion that will be younger than me
missionary age wise. I feel a little nervous I don't find out who he
is until I'm in the same room as him on Wednesday. It will be crazy.
Then I actually get to go through the temple again with him so I'm
excited for that.  This will be a new learning and growing experience
for both of us and I'm excited.

The service at the Kids Kitchen threw us a little going away party and
that was cool they bought us a cake and got us these Alaska pins.
Honestly love those people that work there. They are awesome. Glad I
am staying and will be able to keep doing service there haha.

One of my mission buddies, Elder Leland got a sick video of a moose
and some sweet pictures so I'll have to send those out.

Anyway that's all I have to say, I hope that you have a sweet.

Keep the Faith

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission
Anchorage Temple February 2016

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