Monday, March 27, 2017

Check it✔️ Week #49 3/27/2017

Hey everybody, 

So this week has really good.  Life seems to be moving along. 
Today marks the beginning of the 6th week of the transfer which
absolutely blows my mind.  It's already the end of march and hump day
is on the horizon baby.

So first thing, Elder Baures and I had a near death experience and it
was crazy. So let me set the scene. We had just got dinner with a
member over at a place called Ding How, (which is a really good
Mongolian Buffet.) We were headed back to our area and we were on the
Glenn Highway and was going about 75 miles an hour. All of the sudden
a car came ripping past us at about 90 mph and lost control trying to
merge lanes and came within inches of clipping the front of the truck.
I hit the brakes and this car was completely sideways on the freeway
and ended up rolling into the shoulder and it was crazy. We pulled
over to check on the guy and I was thinking this guy was going to be
dead. So while Elder Baures called the police I got out and checked on
the guy and he was out of his car before I was even out of the truck.
He was good though. He was wearing seatbelt and that saved his life no
doubt about it. We waited til the cops got there and they took our
info and then we went back to work.  So that was my crazy story of the

As far as the work goes Elder Baures and I have been doing lots of work
finding people. We are trying to find new people to teach because we gave 
most everybody that we were working with up when the ward split We 
have had some cool experiences and met some super sweet people.
     For example the other night we rolled up to an apartment complex
thing and all the neighbors were outside having a sic BBQ. They asked
us if we were hungry so of course we joined them. We ate fried chicken
and soda and they even gave us this cake thing to take home. We also
got a return appointment with a lady named marcea so hopefully that
will go well. It was cool just to feel accepted and loved even though
they didn't even know me at all. I hope I make people feel like that
when I meet them.

Something we did for fun is on Monday we had dinner over at Samoan
family and they brought out the karaoke machine and they wanted me to
sing. So I picked up the mic and we had a blast. They took a video so
don't make fun of my horrible tone deaf voice haha also the pic I am sending
 is our post game bowling last p day it was a ton of fun as well.

All day Tuesday and Wednesday we basically had mass of lessons with
the Russian Jack Elders and gave them all of our work so they should
be pretty busy for a while... Thursday I was on exchanges with my
district Leader and we had a lot of fun. We went to the kids kitchen
and made breakfast for dinner for the kids and I was in charge of
making the pancakes. By the end of the night they were calling me  the
Pancake King 👑 haha kind of dumb but made me feel good.

I Wanted to wish my brother Jordan a Happy Birthday yesterday and 
let him know that I hope that he had a really good day... well anyway, yea; 
 so the days here are getting super long with the sunlight and I love every bit of it. It
doesn't get completely dark until about 9:15 ish and I love every bit
of it... I absolutely love the sun and am so glad that it's back 👌

Anyway that was my week and it was good anyway I love you all have a great week

Keep the faith

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, March 20, 2017

Just Believe🙌 Week #48 3/20/17


Well this week has been awesome. Time has been flying by and it's
already week 5 of the transfer and that's crazy. I'm already almost
halfway done training haha.

So the craziest thing that has happened this week is our stake had an
emergency conference this Sunday and they totally changed everything
around. Some wards were combined and boundaries were change. The stake
presidency was re organized and like 5 of the wards bishoprics were
reorganized.  It was crazy. It was all because they are trying to get
the Samoan wards to mix in with the English Wards. For our ward we
just got our boundaries changed and it so happens that all our solid
progressing investigators, including the one we have on date is now
out of our ward boundary so we have to pass them all off.  It's a
super bummer cause I have been working with these people for the last
3 months and now they are just gone. So I guess it's back to finding😭

We also had Zone Conference and it was really good. It really focused
on the temple and how our goal is to get people to the temple. The
sisters gave a training on the pamphlets we used and they totally
stole it from me, from the one I gave in district meeting haha. My
favorite part of that whole day was lunch, we feasted upon Costco
Pizza and it was so good...

Life is good and I've been super happy lately. I finally feel like I'm
getting a grip of how to be a good missionary and have fun while
working hard. No cool stories happened this week when it comes to
mountain view. But, we saw a police barricading an apartment complex
near our apartment. In reality that happens quite a bit.

Anyway I don't know what else to talk about I love you all hope that
your weeks good:)

Keep The Faith

Elder Gentry❤️

Monday, March 13, 2017

They Can't See the Vision, They Must Be Out of Focus👨🏻‍🚀 Week #47 03/13/17

Hey Fam,

So Anchorage has been good, I swear the weather has been back and
forth all week. It's been pretty sunny, but one day it will be like 0
degrees and then like 25 the next. On a high note the sun is coming
back ☀️ especially now that daylight savings is through the sun is out
to stay. The sun went down about 7:30 yesterday and I love it so

Life is good though we have had lots of fun this week. Been doing good
service and have a had a lot of teaching appointments. We are working
with a couple individuals and trying to get them on date for baptism.
They are getting married on the 17th yep St pattys day baby... that'll
be fun to go to, I am super excited for them.

And there were 13... days in the month.. yes today March 13......
 so today I hit 11 months on my mission and it seems to be going way to quickly.
 I love my mission and the time I have left to spend it here in Alaska. Honestly I love
 all the friendships that I have been able make. 11 months wow it still blows my
 mind. I'm excited to keep working hard and see all the good that is to come:)

So cool thing we went tracting on Saturday in the sisters area as a
district and we were knocking on houses and the very last house I
knocked said Gentry on it... idk why but it was like the manufacturer
tag on the trailer or something I thought it was cool. Also when I
went to the church on Friday to sync out iPads I saw a license plate
that said Mickey. Reminded me of my dad and was a cool blessing.

Something cool is we have been eating with the Samoan Elders lately
and their members make like the best food ever. We went to the Afua
family and they made us a feast. We ate crab, lamb, chicken, rice, and
stir fry with steak, rolls, taro and lots of good food. I ate so much
food and had such a good time. Plus I was really trying to pile it
down because Samoans like when somebody can eat... so long story short
I went home and ended up puking cause I couldn't handle it haha but I
feel way better afterwards.

Well that was some of the highlights of this week, anyway life is good
and I'm feeling good. I hope you all have a good week and know that I
love ya..

Keep the Faith

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How Do I Say what has Never Been Said⚡️🌫 Week #46 3/07/2017

Fam and Friends

Hey everybody so this week has been super good. Time is slipping
through the cracks. Weeks seem to feel like days. But it has been a
good week and I'm excited to tell you about it.

This week we have been doing lots of service. We have been still going
to the Kids kitchen and serving the meals to the kids and that has
fun. I never thought I'd say it but I really enjoy workin for free...
as long as I am helping others haha. Also this week was the ceremonial
start of the Iditarod and so we got to help with that on Saturday. My
group sat at a street corner and helped fix the snow after cars drove
across it. I have a bunch of pictures and videos for you guys.

This week we also had Zone Meeting and it went really well. The
trainings were good and at one point they called on me to come share
my Testimony on Jesus Christ. Although my hands and my voice was shaky
because I just don't do well in front of crowds I thought it went
well. I just talked about the atonement and how not only is the
atonement is for our sins but it is also the enabling power to do all
things. At the zone meeting we had a training on sacrifice and I'm
trying to change some things to help me become a better missionary.

The weather up her is finally getting better the last like 5 days have
been straight sunshine and I love every minute of it. The sunlight is
actually out til about 6:30 so it actually feels like a normal day. It
has been way better. I love the sun and can't wait for the snow to
melt. I am so sick of the snow and the cold weather! Haha 😂

Really funny story the other day we were driving up in mountain view
and somebody got their car stuck so pulled over and asked if they
needed any help. No joke her words were "my daughter stole this car
last night and now she got it stuck,  but we're okay" and we're like
what?? Haha freakin people of mountain view.

Elder Baures and I have been putting in work here in the A.P. Heights
area trying to find teach and baptize. We visit with lots of good
people both members and non members and I love being able to help them
come closer to Christ. It feels good to be a missionary. I have been
learning a lot about faith and giving my mission to the Lord and
really focusing on the work. I have had struggles with my mind being
in other places and right now I'm just trying to reel it all back and
give everything I have to my mission and the time I have left. I don't
want to short change myself.

Well that was the majority of the things that happened this week and I
am excited to keep working hard and see what the lord can do In this
area. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to serve the
lord full time to assist him in his labors. Anyway I love you all have
a good week.

Keep the Faith

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission