Monday, March 20, 2017

Just BelievešŸ™Œ Week #48 3/20/17


Well this week has been awesome. Time has been flying by and it's
already week 5 of the transfer and that's crazy. I'm already almost
halfway done training haha.

So the craziest thing that has happened this week is our stake had an
emergency conference this Sunday and they totally changed everything
around. Some wards were combined and boundaries were change. The stake
presidency was re organized and like 5 of the wards bishoprics were
reorganized.  It was crazy. It was all because they are trying to get
the Samoan wards to mix in with the English Wards. For our ward we
just got our boundaries changed and it so happens that all our solid
progressing investigators, including the one we have on date is now
out of our ward boundary so we have to pass them all off.  It's a
super bummer cause I have been working with these people for the last
3 months and now they are just gone. So I guess it's back to findingšŸ˜­

We also had Zone Conference and it was really good. It really focused
on the temple and how our goal is to get people to the temple. The
sisters gave a training on the pamphlets we used and they totally
stole it from me, from the one I gave in district meeting haha. My
favorite part of that whole day was lunch, we feasted upon Costco
Pizza and it was so good...

Life is good and I've been super happy lately. I finally feel like I'm
getting a grip of how to be a good missionary and have fun while
working hard. No cool stories happened this week when it comes to
mountain view. But, we saw a police barricading an apartment complex
near our apartment. In reality that happens quite a bit.

Anyway I don't know what else to talk about I love you all hope that
your weeks good:)

Keep The Faith

Elder Gentry❤️

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