Monday, March 13, 2017

They Can't See the Vision, They Must Be Out of Focus👨🏻‍🚀 Week #47 03/13/17

Hey Fam,

So Anchorage has been good, I swear the weather has been back and
forth all week. It's been pretty sunny, but one day it will be like 0
degrees and then like 25 the next. On a high note the sun is coming
back ☀️ especially now that daylight savings is through the sun is out
to stay. The sun went down about 7:30 yesterday and I love it so

Life is good though we have had lots of fun this week. Been doing good
service and have a had a lot of teaching appointments. We are working
with a couple individuals and trying to get them on date for baptism.
They are getting married on the 17th yep St pattys day baby... that'll
be fun to go to, I am super excited for them.

And there were 13... days in the month.. yes today March 13......
 so today I hit 11 months on my mission and it seems to be going way to quickly.
 I love my mission and the time I have left to spend it here in Alaska. Honestly I love
 all the friendships that I have been able make. 11 months wow it still blows my
 mind. I'm excited to keep working hard and see all the good that is to come:)

So cool thing we went tracting on Saturday in the sisters area as a
district and we were knocking on houses and the very last house I
knocked said Gentry on it... idk why but it was like the manufacturer
tag on the trailer or something I thought it was cool. Also when I
went to the church on Friday to sync out iPads I saw a license plate
that said Mickey. Reminded me of my dad and was a cool blessing.

Something cool is we have been eating with the Samoan Elders lately
and their members make like the best food ever. We went to the Afua
family and they made us a feast. We ate crab, lamb, chicken, rice, and
stir fry with steak, rolls, taro and lots of good food. I ate so much
food and had such a good time. Plus I was really trying to pile it
down because Samoans like when somebody can eat... so long story short
I went home and ended up puking cause I couldn't handle it haha but I
feel way better afterwards.

Well that was some of the highlights of this week, anyway life is good
and I'm feeling good. I hope you all have a good week and know that I
love ya..

Keep the Faith

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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