Monday, April 24, 2017

I'm Just doin my Thang!!!! Week #53 4/24/17

So its been another really good week here in Anchorage. I've almost
been in Anchorage for 6 months which is crazy doesn't quite seem like
that! Transfers are in three weeks and most likely I will be leaving
so I'm excited to see where that'll be.

This week we had a really cool lesson with our investigator Michael.
We taught him the plan of Salvation and after we taught he it he said,
"yea that's like everything I believe"! So silently in my head I had a
celebration. Then he brought his family to church and he stayed all
three hours.

So Saturday night at like 6:00 we got a call from Brother Forbes the
first Counselor in the bishopric asking if we could speak Sunday each
for like 10-15 min. I was like what!!??? But we accepted. My talk was
on the Holy Ghost and how he can help you. It actually went really
good. I was nervous but I actually enjoyed it.

This week was packed with service. We helped a sweet lady move and
then we also did a service for this big 5k event and that was pretty
fun. I like doing service. I love how grateful people are for the
helping hand and it feels good. Plus it helps when they buy you a
Costco pizza when it's over ;)

So another crazy story.... Elder Baures and I came home for dinner. We
were sitting in our living room and just chillin and all the sudden we
hear yelling and my immediate thought was some dudes were fighting
outside. Then I hear "put your hands where I can see them" and I was
like no way it's the cops. So we go out on our balcony and there was
like 8 cop cars all around this green truck. We sat and watched as
they pulled out 2 people and then the driver all the sudden put the
truck in reverse. The cop pulled his car up right against his truck so
then the dude throws it in drive and plows over the median thing and
hits a couple cars in The process. Then he takes off. Then the thing
that confused me no cops took off after him. They must have had other
cops ready to chase him idk haha freakin nuts I got most of it on
video but the video isn't great because I was too interested in
watching with my own eyes hahaha but you can still see so check it

I've seen so many crazy things since being here in Anchorage. I love
it haha well that has basically been my week. I love you guys have a
good week.

Keep the faith

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, April 17, 2017

1 DOWN ✔️ 1 TO GOπŸ˜† Week #52 4/17/17

So this week has been awesome. We have had lots of good things happen
up here in Alaska. I don't know where the time goes I feel like I'm
writing a new email all the time. It's almost to the point I don't
know what to say but anyway...

So this week I hit my year mark, yep hump day. 365 days down!! Super
weird feeling. I honestly don't feel like I have been out that long at
all. I still remember telling everyone goodbye like it was yesterday.
But nope it has been a year and it feels good. For the Hump day
celebration we went to what we call the beach here in Anchorage.. it's
like the only place with a view. It's pretty sweet though. We went
down there to set my shirts and the last year of my life to flames πŸ”₯
it was fun and the view was super pretty that night.

Then I got some awesome stuff from my mom and some other missionaries
on Hump day. All I have to say is my mom really knows me with all the
treats she sent me haha all of my favorites.

Something else that was pretty cool is we were out walking the streets
of Mountain View trying to find people and we ended up coming across a
completely burnt out car. So we decided to take some photos... it was
sweet and then we also took a video displaying the scenery up there
haha just kidding it's full of trash and booze bottles and cigarettes
and we also find crazy stuff like needles.... people just throw their
trash everywhere up there makes for a nasty mess.

Also another good thing is the sun is back baby we are up to almost 15
hours of light and it feels good. I love the sun. Right now the sky
has light until about 9:40 at night and I love every second of it..

So we actually had some sweet miracles this week when it comes to the
work. Our investigator Michael met with us and we had previously
shared the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon so for this
lesson we just decided to read the Book of Mormon and it was an
awesome lesson we read Alma chapter 7 and then we invited him to be
baptized on May 20 and he accepted so that was super exciting and then
just last night we were out visiting less actives and we came across a
name we didn't know so we went by and her name is Elizabeth and she
hadn't seen missionaries in a long time. She introduced us to her 13
year old son and we asked if he wanted to be baptized and he was
pretty interested. A little nervous but said that he wanted to hear
the discussion.  We have people coming out of the wood work and we
actually have a pretty decent teaching pool. The Lord has truly
blessed us and it feels good.

Then of course this week was Easter and I absolutely loved the Easter
program at church this last week it was really neat. Lots of musical
numbers and then the youth in the ward had the talks and they were of
course all about Christ. Then Elder Baures and I got to teach Gospel
Principles and a non member showed up and stepped in and the lesson
was awesome it was on the life of Christ and the spirit was really
strong. This non member actually bore her testimony on Christ in front
of everybody.. it was awesome.

This week has been one to remember and I always enjoy the holidays on
the mission. Not the same as back home but I have always had a family
that takes us in and treats us like their own and it feels nice.

I'm excited for this next week to see what we can do and move the work
along. I feel so grateful to be able to be apart of this work. I love
you all have a great week :)

Keep the Faith

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, April 10, 2017

Sometimes you win sometimes you lose.. Week #51 04/10/2017

This week I Lost.... it's just been kind of a rough week. So first of
all I feel like lessons have cancelled and we have lost investigators
and just lots of things. Then to top it all off this morning I was
washing my white shirts and my stupid self forgot to pull a pen out of
my pocket and I go to change the laundry and ink is everywhere. Most
of my white shirts were ruined, but I was able to salvage a couple.
Ehh sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.

Anyway nothing too cool happened this week.we have been going out and
doing lots of service trying to stay busy and that's always good.

One highlight is we got a family of recent converts to come to church
for the first time in over 6 months... it was so good. I absolutely
love their littler girl.  She is the sassiest girl in the world but
she is super cute I have a video of mine and her secret handshake...

This week we have just been out sharing the new Easter initiative and
it has been super good the video is how Jesus Christ is the prince of
peace and how we can find peace through him. It's a really good video
you can check it out at Mormon. org if you want...

Well not much else to say so I guess I'll close. I hope you all have a
great week.

Keep the Faith

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Monday, April 3, 2017

πŸ™ŒWe Are Who We AreπŸ™Œ Week #50 4-03-2017

Hey Fam πŸ‘‹

So another week in the Great state of Alaska... time is flying and I'm
loving every bit of my mission.

Of Course the obvious, it was General Conference Weekend and it was
good. Many of the talks I really enjoyed. The one that stuck out me
was the mission president from Spokane that talks about love and
seeing people through the saviors eyes. Coupled with Thomas S Monson's
 talk In The priesthood session where he talks about charity and how
we need to love others so we can help them. This Gospel is one of Love
and when we can do that we will be able to make a difference because
as the famous line goes nobody's cares how much you know, until they
know how much you care 😊

So this week we got our Transfer calls and it was lame because I'm
staying and I knew I was because I'm training and you stay two
transfers with the new missionary.... it's lame because Transfer calls
are like one of the only excitements that you get haha but it was good
I'm excited to stay another one and continue to learn and grow and
help Elder Baures!

Life is good the missionary work is kind of slow but we're trying to
keep our heads up.. we're working hard to build our investigator pool
back up. We have gotten a couple of referrals and we're hoping that it
works out.

Something cool that we got to do was help clean the temple on
Wednesday and that was a weird but neat experience. The temple was
already clean and I felt like I was doing nothing but it was fun. I
got to help vacuum the celestial room and it was weird to be in there
and moving furniture and stuff. Honestly the temple is so awesome, I
love that place

One cool experience I had was I got to give an Elder who was really
struggling a blessing. I felt the spirit really strong and I know the
lord was talking to this Elder. It really helped pick me up. What a
blessing that we have the priesthood to be able to have these
blessings to help others.

At conference I snagged a cool photo of my Mission Posterity, I was
trained by Elder Frey who is my (Dad) and then he is training another
missionary, Elder Lor who is my (Brother) and then good ole Elder
Baures (my son). Haha it was cool.

Umm oh so while we were emailing here at the church we saw a couple of
moose so I grabbed a few pics and took a video so that's sweet I think
you guys will like that...

So my best friend on the mission Elder Fawson is getting Transferred
to Fairbanks and that kind of sucks, but it'll be okay haha he is a
super good missionary and is going to kill it up there!!

Well looks like I'm buckling down for another 6 weeks here in the AP
Heights Ward and it feels good. Can't believe I will have been here
for 6 months by the time I leave here. Honestly can't believe how fast
my mission is going. I have a lot to look forward to when I get home
but right now I'm focused on these people and how I can help them.
That's what I'm doing.

Keep the Faith πŸ’›

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission
The crew (District)
Me and the Comp

Mission Posterity