Monday, April 24, 2017

I'm Just doin my Thang!!!! Week #53 4/24/17

So its been another really good week here in Anchorage. I've almost
been in Anchorage for 6 months which is crazy doesn't quite seem like
that! Transfers are in three weeks and most likely I will be leaving
so I'm excited to see where that'll be.

This week we had a really cool lesson with our investigator Michael.
We taught him the plan of Salvation and after we taught he it he said,
"yea that's like everything I believe"! So silently in my head I had a
celebration. Then he brought his family to church and he stayed all
three hours.

So Saturday night at like 6:00 we got a call from Brother Forbes the
first Counselor in the bishopric asking if we could speak Sunday each
for like 10-15 min. I was like what!!??? But we accepted. My talk was
on the Holy Ghost and how he can help you. It actually went really
good. I was nervous but I actually enjoyed it.

This week was packed with service. We helped a sweet lady move and
then we also did a service for this big 5k event and that was pretty
fun. I like doing service. I love how grateful people are for the
helping hand and it feels good. Plus it helps when they buy you a
Costco pizza when it's over ;)

So another crazy story.... Elder Baures and I came home for dinner. We
were sitting in our living room and just chillin and all the sudden we
hear yelling and my immediate thought was some dudes were fighting
outside. Then I hear "put your hands where I can see them" and I was
like no way it's the cops. So we go out on our balcony and there was
like 8 cop cars all around this green truck. We sat and watched as
they pulled out 2 people and then the driver all the sudden put the
truck in reverse. The cop pulled his car up right against his truck so
then the dude throws it in drive and plows over the median thing and
hits a couple cars in The process. Then he takes off. Then the thing
that confused me no cops took off after him. They must have had other
cops ready to chase him idk haha freakin nuts I got most of it on
video but the video isn't great because I was too interested in
watching with my own eyes hahaha but you can still see so check it

I've seen so many crazy things since being here in Anchorage. I love
it haha well that has basically been my week. I love you guys have a
good week.

Keep the faith

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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