Monday, April 3, 2017

πŸ™ŒWe Are Who We AreπŸ™Œ Week #50 4-03-2017

Hey Fam πŸ‘‹

So another week in the Great state of Alaska... time is flying and I'm
loving every bit of my mission.

Of Course the obvious, it was General Conference Weekend and it was
good. Many of the talks I really enjoyed. The one that stuck out me
was the mission president from Spokane that talks about love and
seeing people through the saviors eyes. Coupled with Thomas S Monson's
 talk In The priesthood session where he talks about charity and how
we need to love others so we can help them. This Gospel is one of Love
and when we can do that we will be able to make a difference because
as the famous line goes nobody's cares how much you know, until they
know how much you care 😊

So this week we got our Transfer calls and it was lame because I'm
staying and I knew I was because I'm training and you stay two
transfers with the new missionary.... it's lame because Transfer calls
are like one of the only excitements that you get haha but it was good
I'm excited to stay another one and continue to learn and grow and
help Elder Baures!

Life is good the missionary work is kind of slow but we're trying to
keep our heads up.. we're working hard to build our investigator pool
back up. We have gotten a couple of referrals and we're hoping that it
works out.

Something cool that we got to do was help clean the temple on
Wednesday and that was a weird but neat experience. The temple was
already clean and I felt like I was doing nothing but it was fun. I
got to help vacuum the celestial room and it was weird to be in there
and moving furniture and stuff. Honestly the temple is so awesome, I
love that place

One cool experience I had was I got to give an Elder who was really
struggling a blessing. I felt the spirit really strong and I know the
lord was talking to this Elder. It really helped pick me up. What a
blessing that we have the priesthood to be able to have these
blessings to help others.

At conference I snagged a cool photo of my Mission Posterity, I was
trained by Elder Frey who is my (Dad) and then he is training another
missionary, Elder Lor who is my (Brother) and then good ole Elder
Baures (my son). Haha it was cool.

Umm oh so while we were emailing here at the church we saw a couple of
moose so I grabbed a few pics and took a video so that's sweet I think
you guys will like that...

So my best friend on the mission Elder Fawson is getting Transferred
to Fairbanks and that kind of sucks, but it'll be okay haha he is a
super good missionary and is going to kill it up there!!

Well looks like I'm buckling down for another 6 weeks here in the AP
Heights Ward and it feels good. Can't believe I will have been here
for 6 months by the time I leave here. Honestly can't believe how fast
my mission is going. I have a lot to look forward to when I get home
but right now I'm focused on these people and how I can help them.
That's what I'm doing.

Keep the Faith πŸ’›

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission
The crew (District)
Me and the Comp

Mission Posterity

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