Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Good Life😎 Week #58 05/29/2017

Hey everybody!! I can't believe it's already been another week. This
week has been good. Nothing too crazy or exciting has happened but it
was good.

Something I forgot to write about last week was here in Whitehorse we
get a lot of travelers that come to church because lots of people
driving the Alcan going to Alaska. There was a older couple that
visited last week. Their names were Tony and Ellen Western. They told
me they were from Monroe and I told them that I have family that lives
there and I told them about my aunt Mary and apparently they are next
door neighbors and they know each other... what a small worldπŸ˜‚

Well we have been out trying to talk to as many people as we can.
Everyday we walk the streets and just try to find new people that
would be interested. I'm not really the biggest fan of doing it one
because most of the time it's super awkward and most people want
nothing to do with us, but there are some really cool people too.
Yesterday we met this guy who is a member and hasn't been to church
since he was 20 and he is in his 30s. He invited us over for dinner
and to share the good word with him so hopefully we can get him coming
back to church.

We've seen lots of cool miracles because of it... we still have to two
people on date and we are continuing to help them to progress and get
there. I'm excited for them and am glad that I get to help them.

The work here in Canada is a lot slower than Anchorage. It's a lot
like Cordova and so I'm trying to adjust back to that. Just trying to
find cool ideas to have fun and stay productive during the times were
not teaching.

I love the members here. They are sweet. There is one family the
Tanners who are awesome. The Dad Is pretty young like 33 or something
his name is Kevin and they are a blended family. He is sweet he
reminds me a lot of my brothers so it's fun to hang with him and he's
a branch missionary so that's cool.

Well that's all I got so have a good week..

Love always

Elder Gentry

Monday, May 22, 2017

I've Arrived 😎 Week #57 5/22/17

Okay so I don't even know where to begin... this week has been insane.
So Tuesday I flew out to Juneau and spent the night there and then the
next morning I spent the day on a ferry traveling to Skagway. The
ferry was super long but it was fun. Then we drove to Whitehorse and
that was a beautiful drive.

Since being in Canada it seems so different. When in reality we're not
that far away from Alaska but man is it different. People have really
cool accents up here. They say I'm the one with the accent so I guess
that's fair.

One thing I've noticed is that really do say "eh" all the time. I
thought it was more or less a Canadian joke but nope they throw it in
to their sentences left and right kind of funny.

Well Sunday was nice cause I actually got to meet most the members and
start to feel a little more comfortable because those of you that know
me I'm not really the best when it comes to change.  I even had to
speak in sacrament which actually went really good. Literally when I
got of the plane my new companion Elder hall told me I was speaking in

Living in Canada is strange but kind of fun with all the differences.
The families here are awesome and I'm excited to be here. The work
here is really good. We just put a girl on date for June 17 on Friday
so I'm excited for that.

Something really cool happened on my drive up. Right as we were about
to cross the border we saw a black bear chillin on the side of the
road eating some food so that was pretty sweet.

Well if you guys want to send me anything probably don't send any
packages cause its way to expensive and it takes like 3 weeks just to
get a letter. But I would love to get letters. Send it directly to

1908 Centennial Dr.
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A3Z5. Canada

Well that's all I have to say hope everybody has a great week

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, May 15, 2017

Great White North πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ Week # 56 5/15/2017 (Day after Mothers Day)

Hey everybody so it's been another week out here in the mission and it
has been good. This was my last week with Elder Baures and we have
killed it...

We had lessons with Michael and he is still progressing and we are
working on getting him married so that he can be baptized. We had to
move his date back but that's okay. Glad I was here to help him.

We had lessons with Michael and he is still progressing and we are
working on getting him married so that he can be baptized. We had to
move his date back but that's okay. Glad I was here to help him.

Another brother in our ward is getting baptized this coming Saturday. I have  been working with him since I got here and am so grateful to
hear that he will be getting to be baptized. I'm so happy for him and
his family.

This week we also did quite a bit of service over at the Kids kitchen
and also just helped an investigator move and also a family in the
ward move.  It was nice because it has been really sunny.

So Wednesday we got the opportunity to go to the Temple and it was
awesome. I love going to the temple. Nice to kind of just let all you
worries go and just enjoy the session and get to feel the spirit that
is there.

Speaking about the sun I think we are about up to 17 hours of daylight
which is crazy I freakin love it. The sun keeps me going so I'm glad
it's back.

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I got to talk to my amazing mother! I'm
so grateful for her and all that she does for me. She has truly been
one of the biggest blessings of my life. I love you mom so much. Plus
happy Mother's Day to all you other amazing mothers you guys keep the
world round :)

Soooo transfers are here. We got a call and I'm headed to Canada,
Whitehorse more specifically. Our mission covers the state of Alaska
and the Yukon Territory in Canada. Although we only have one
companionship out there. So I will be getting to go and I'm stoked. So
on Tuesday I fly out to Juneau and spend the night there. Then I jump
on the ferry the next morning which is about 6 and half hours to
Skagway! Then from there it's about a three hour drive to Whitehorse.
I'm super excited to go and do something new. Except we will be out
there all by ourselves. It will probably a lot like Cordova again.
I'll be about 700 miles from my  Mission President.

So yea I'm pretty excited. Elder Baures is staying here in AP Heights
and is going to be serving with Elder Judd. I'm a little jealous
because Elder Judd is like one of my best friends on the mission. He
was my Zone leader when I was in Wasilla at the beginning of my
mission. So that's going to be super sweet for them.

Well that's all I got life is good and things are happening. So glad
to be out here in Alaska and pretty soon Canada. Wish me luck I love
you all!!

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Monday, May 8, 2017

Workin the Grind Week #55 05/08/2017

So it's been another great week. The weather keeps getting warmer and
warmer and the light is getting longer and longer. I love it. It's
getting to the point where I shouldn't be wearing a jacket but I do
anyway haha I don't know why...  I just like it.

Well this week has been awesome we have just been continuing to work
with Jen, jay, and Michael and preparing them for their dates to be
baptized. They are all so elect and ready for the gospel. It has been
fun teaching them and they still have a bit to go before they will be
ready but I really love them.

Now that we are teaching a lot,   time is just slipping, I can't believe
it's already the beginning of the last week of the transfer. At the
end of the work Elder Baures will officially be done training. That's
crazy to think I've already been with him for three months. I love the
guy it has been a lot of fun and a new experience for me.

This week we also did our normal service that we have always done and
it has been fun. This week we also had stake Conference and LeGrand R.
Curtis of the 70 came up and spoke with us and it was really good. He
talked about living after the manner of happiness and how through
following the commandments we can do that. It was really good.

Well not to much going on other than that but life is good and I love you all

Keep the faith and have a good week.

ELDER Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission
This was our district bowling last week

Monday, May 1, 2017

Pursuit of happiness 😏 Week #54 5/01/2017

So another week has come and Gone here in the Alaska Anchorage Mission.
I have two more full weeks training Elder Baures. That's crazy how
quickly these two transfers have flown by. Time just seems to keep
picking up. I have had so much fun these last two transfers and we
have worked hard...

Just yesterday we were teaching jay and jennifer who are two people we
tracted into about a month ago and we have been teaching them.
Yesterday we taught them the plan of salvation and we read from the
Book of Mormon and we actually put them on date for the 3rd of June.
So that's super exciting.

So as of right now we have three people on date and two other
progressing investigators and just about a month and half ago we had
lost our entire teaching pool. The lord has really blessed us. Sadly,
most likely  I won't be here to help these people completely reach
baptism but I will be able to get them mostly there. I'm happy that
Elder Baures will be here to finish it off. He's an awesome
missionary. I freakin love the guy!

So Tuesday we had Zone Conference and that was really fun. Elder
Baures and I actually had to give a training on inviting people to
read the Book of Mormon. It went really well. I was kind of nervous
but it was good. This zone Conference was all about the Book of Mormon
and the importance it has in Conversion. I love the Book of Mormon. I
actually just finished it again and am starting back in first Nephi
tomorrow haha.

Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Vaioa who is a Samoan and we
were in the Dimond Samoan ward. It was fun. I love Elder Vaioa. He is
the funniest guy ever. We didn't get to do much work because he had
physical therapy and then our lessons cancelled.  We did end up doing
some service though and that good.

On Saturday Anchorage was doing a city wide clean up and our ward
participated so in the morning we went and picked up trash and that
was fun. For the most part we picked up alcohol and a lot of Red Bull
cans for some reason but we found some cool stuff hah. Afterwards we
went to back to the chapel and our ward had a big BBQ. It was really
good. I ate like two hamburgers and some pasta salad and then lots of
chips. It was fun. Our ward is he bomb.

Things our good here in AP Heights I'm excited to keep workin and
finish these last two weeks here hard and give Elder Baures lots of
work to do when I'm gone. Life is good and the Lords work Keeps
pressing Forward...

Have a great week I love you all

Elder Kayden Michael Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission