Monday, May 22, 2017

I've Arrived 😎 Week #57 5/22/17

Okay so I don't even know where to begin... this week has been insane.
So Tuesday I flew out to Juneau and spent the night there and then the
next morning I spent the day on a ferry traveling to Skagway. The
ferry was super long but it was fun. Then we drove to Whitehorse and
that was a beautiful drive.

Since being in Canada it seems so different. When in reality we're not
that far away from Alaska but man is it different. People have really
cool accents up here. They say I'm the one with the accent so I guess
that's fair.

One thing I've noticed is that really do say "eh" all the time. I
thought it was more or less a Canadian joke but nope they throw it in
to their sentences left and right kind of funny.

Well Sunday was nice cause I actually got to meet most the members and
start to feel a little more comfortable because those of you that know
me I'm not really the best when it comes to change.  I even had to
speak in sacrament which actually went really good. Literally when I
got of the plane my new companion Elder hall told me I was speaking in

Living in Canada is strange but kind of fun with all the differences.
The families here are awesome and I'm excited to be here. The work
here is really good. We just put a girl on date for June 17 on Friday
so I'm excited for that.

Something really cool happened on my drive up. Right as we were about
to cross the border we saw a black bear chillin on the side of the
road eating some food so that was pretty sweet.

Well if you guys want to send me anything probably don't send any
packages cause its way to expensive and it takes like 3 weeks just to
get a letter. But I would love to get letters. Send it directly to

1908 Centennial Dr.
Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A3Z5. Canada

Well that's all I have to say hope everybody has a great week

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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