Monday, June 5, 2017

Canada Eh!🤣 Week #59 06/05/2017

Hey Fam

So this week has been pretty sweet and a little hectic....

So to start out last Monday we had to drive to Skagway so we could fly
out to Juneau for our conference. So the drive is about 2 hours and we
got about half way and my companion all of the sudden realized that he
forgot his passport... so we turned around and headed back to
Whitehorse. So by the time we actually got to Skagway we missed our
flight and had to reschedule it for the morning at 6 am. So we ended
up staying the night in the Skagway chapel and I even got to shower in
the font. Reminded me of the good ole days in Cordova.

So we woke up super Early and got on the plane and Headed to Juneau.
We got to fly on a small 10 seater bush plane. It was like a small
really cool air plane. It was really cool he flew through the
mountains and over the ice fields and over the glaciers. It was super
pretty. Coolest flight that I've been on.

Anyway we eventually made it to Juneau and we had our Conference and
it went really well. It was about charity and lots of stuff that really
helped me to get back my motivation to help the people out here in
Whitehorse. During the conference we also were introduced to the Tiwi
which is like a device they put in the vehicles to enforce safe
driving and it knows like the speed limits and tells you if you are
aggressive driving and keeps records and stuff. Our zone doesn't have
them because we are so spread out but the rest of the mission has
them. So we were the last mission in the United States to get the Tiwi
so that means that my Zone is the only Zone In the United States that
doesn't have the Tiwis so that's cool 😎

So we got back to Whitehorse and had a pretty normal week. We just had
a few lessons and did loads of finding. Haha that's one thing that has
been really different from Anchorage is the work is a lot slower....
so we do a lot of finding. We looking to do more service in the area
so hopefully we will be able to do that.

This next week we are really going to focus on finishing everything up
with Brook because she will be getting baptized this Saturday which
I'm super excited about. So hopefully that will go all as planned and it
should so I'm not worried :)

Well not much else has been going on so yea I hope you guys have a great week

Love always

Elder Kayden M Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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