Monday, June 12, 2017

One Step Ahead☑️ Week #60 6/12/2017

So this week has been sweet!!

So the majority of the week has been a pretty normal week. We have
been doing a lot of street contacting. Just getting out and talking
with as many people as we can. I'm not really a fan of doing it
especially because it's been getting up to like 33 degrees outside.
(30 degrees is roughly 86 degrees in Fahrenheit). I don't know what it
is exactly but all I know is it's hot... the last two days have been
rainy and it  has been my saving grace. I love the rain it has
brought the temperature down to about 12 degrees and I have no idea
what that is,  all I know is it's a lot cooler that 33 😂

On Friday we had the opportunity it's to listen to President Russel M.
Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He was in Anchorage for a
Youth Conference and he wanted to meet with the missionaries for a
bit. So Friday morning 6 of the 8 zones came to Anchorage for it.
Everyone except for the Fairbanks and Juneau zones missionaries. Which
I am in the Juneau zone so Sadly we only got to watch it over a
broadcast but it was still really cool to listen to the words that he
had to stay.  He talked a lot about feasting upon the words of Christ
and living the example of Jesus Christ.  I really enjoyed the

On Saturday we had a really good day. The highlight of course was
Brooks Baptism. We started teaching her my second week here. She is a
part of a blended family and they finally got permission to get her
baptized. So we have been going over a lot to teach her all the
lessons and we have gotten pretty close to the Tanner family. I love
them they are awesome!  Anyway so Saturday her step-dad Kevin got to
baptize her and it was an awesome service. We had treats afterwards
and had a good time.

Sunday we had her Confirmation and her grandpa got to confirm her and
I got to stand in the circle and it was a cool experience. Then here
in Whitehorse we missionaries get to bless the sacrament every week and I really
enjoy doing it. Normally it goes off without a hitch but yesterday I
added a word I guess so I had to say it again ahhhh haha it was all
good the the second Time I stuck the landing and said it correctly...
then I also got the opportunity to teach the gospel principles class.
Got to love being in a branch because you get to help out a bit ha.

So this transfer has gone by so fast it's already the beginning of
week 5 which is crazy. My companion Elder Hall is getting ready to go
home after this one. I am excited for the end of the transfer because
it will be fun to travel again but I think I will probably just spend
a couple of days in Skagway with the Elders there instead of going all
the way to Juneau &  I'm okay with that because Skagway is way pretty
hopefully we can do some cool hikes in because I'll be there on a P day.

Oh also on Sunday we had our lesson with Carrie and that has been
awesome to teach her as well. She told us that she finally gave up
coffee for good and her headaches have gone away. She also gave up
soda so basically she's stronger than I haha.  She is so ready and
she will be getting baptized not this coming Saturday but the next. I am
excited for her, she studies like crazy and has already read the Book
of Mormon and she has only been introduced to the gospel just over a
month ago!! Crazy.... she is awesome. 

Anyway not much else has been going on just living the life out here
in Canada trying to enjoy every second. Something Canadian I tried this
week is called Poutine I don't know if that's how it's spelled but
everyone up here eats it and it's basically fries covered in gravy
with blocks of cheese on it... it's super good and way popular like
you can order it at Mcdonalds and stuff.

Anyway that has been my week and it has been super good 😊 I love you
all hope that you week is awesome...

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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