Monday, June 26, 2017

Transfers Weekend­čśĆ Week #62 6.26.17

Hello everyone!!

I hope everyone had a good week and is enjoying the sunshine because I
am  feeling like the sun never goes down out here in the Yukon. One of
my best buddies, Elder Fawson took a photo in Fairbanks at 1 AM on the
summer Solstice so I will attach that.

So this week was a pretty slow one, we had another lesson with Carrie
and we are almost done with the lessons so we're excited for her
baptism coming soon. She is amazing... she is so intelligent when it
comes to the gospel you would think that she has been a member for
years. One of our members said something about a doctrine and she
corrected them and she was right haha it was super funny ­čśé

Elder Hall and I have just been trying to stay focused and work til
the end because he is going home this week so I guess you could say he
has been pretty excited to go home..

We're actually leaving today. Once we're done emailing we're driving
down to Skagway and then we are getting on that dreadful 7 hour ferry
to Juneau. I'll be staying there waiting for my new companion who is
Elder Anderson, I don't know him but he has only been on his mission
about 4 1/2 months so he should be pretty fired up to work so I'm
excited about that. Anyway then Elder Hall will continue to Anchorage
and then on to Texas on Thursday. I'm happy for him.  He has been a really
good companion. It has been good out here in Whitehorse with him!

Soo our Mission President, President Robinson goes home this Friday
and we get our new President and his name is President Toone. Not sure
if that's how it's spelled. I've absolutely loved President Robinson.
He is an amazing man with a huge heart. I'm grateful for him. I'm
nervous and excited for the new president but I'm sure he feels the
same way... so that will be a new experience that I'm looking forward

Well life is good out here in Canada and I'm excited for the change
and the new companion. Well I hope you all have a great week.

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry


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