Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Restless 😏 Week #65 7/17/17

So this week has been crazy, but super fun. We have been busy and
doing all sorts of things. In short this week was pretty awesome 👏

So the beginning of the week was pretty slow,  it on Tuesday we had a
lesson with this sweet lady named Adele and she's awesome. We had
dinner over at our Branch Presidents and then afterwards we taught the
restoration and put her on date for baptism on August 12! This was
probably the most spiritual lesson I've had on my mission it was
amazing. I'm excited to teach and prepare her for her baptism. So that
was on Tuesday....

Then on Wednesday we went and did our normal Bingo service at the old
people home and my homie Joe lost again. Haha he never wins I feel bad
but he takes it like a champ, he also thinks everyone else cheats so
his comments are hilarious. Later that night we had our lesson with
Carrie and she's doing amazing we finished the lessons now and this
week we are going to prepare her for her baptismal interview. I'm so
excited. She's so ready and she even bought a really nice dress for her
baptism..... exciting things going on here in Whitehorse haha

Thursday we went to the Salvation Army and served food and then had a
lesson with less active girl and it went good a little awkward but in
all it was good. After that we filled up the car and left for Skagway
because we had Zone Conference in Juneau this week. The drive was so
pretty like I feel like I can't even explain it's so amazing. Anyway
we saw another bear which was cool. Once we got to Skagway our flight
got cancelled so we booked another a couple hours later so we walked
around and talked to a lot of cool people getting of the cruise ships
in Skagway. Eventually we got on our little 10 seater bush plane and
headed for Juneau.

Friday was awesome we had Zone Conference and I finally got to meet
President Toone. He's awesome. What a guy, he knows the scriptures
inside and out I was impressed. The conference was sweet. After that
because we're all out of our areas we watched a movie while he did
interviews. Afterwards we went and did a service and then after that
we went and hike Nugget falls which is a sweet hike which leads you to
this huge waterfall. Then we went in for the night. Zone Conference in
Juneau is sweet.

Eventually we made it back to Whitehorse. Adele and Carrie made it to
church so that was awesome. Things are looking good here in Canada.

Well anyway sorry for the long email but that was my week. I hope you
all have a good week. :)

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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