Monday, July 31, 2017

Umm... Week #67 7/31/2017

So another week has come and gone.. crazy 😜 well this has been a
pretty eventful week so I guess I'll start with Monday.

So we met with Carrie and she told us that she wanted to hold up on
her baptism!! Super sad news. Felt like I was shot in the gut but she
said that she wanted to learn more and that she was just really
stressed. She feels like she doesn't know enough, but I know she's
ready she knows more about the gospel probably more than a lot of
members. So we're continuing to work with her and just hoping that she
can muster enough faith to be baptized and I'm sure all will be good.
So that was Monday.

Tuesday was a little bland we had district meeting as usual and that
was good. I really enjoy the meetings I always take away good things
and make changes. After that we started doing service out at the Yukon
Wildlife Preserve and that's awesome we help build a new fence on a
portion of the Bison Pasture and there are tons of animals so it's
pretty sweet to see and be around them.

Wednesday was pretty sweet, so we do this service for this assisted
living place and this Wednesday they had like this Canoe trip thing so
we went out to the lake and we helped them with that it was a lot of
fun. We made sure the people got on the canoes safely and then we sat
back at the camp and made dream catchers and hung with the oldies it
was a lot of fun.

Umm Thursday was awesome as well our old vehicle coordinator who just
finished his mission, President Lavoie was driving through Whitehorse
with his wife down to the lower 48. So he stopped and bought us
breakfast. They are awesome then we did our normal service at the
Salvation Army and served the food there.

Friday we went back to the wildlife preserve and did some more service
there. All in all it's been a pretty good week except for the whole
baptism thing on Saturday we decided to have a game night so we
invited everybody out and we played board games and card games with
the hopes of finding new people to teach and to reactivate some less
actives and we had quite a few less actives actually show up so that
was sweet. A baptism would have been cooler but hey when life hands
you lemons you make lemonade:)

Church this week was a little hectic. All I'm going to say is we
totally go to church in the Yukon. So in the middle of sacrament
meeting we had the doors open to the outside to let in some air
because it was hot and the door leads right to the parking lot. The
all of the sudden a car alarm goes off between speakers and a member
gets up and peeks and then leans his head back in and says to our
branch president who is on the stand, "Bruce that's your car!" And
then he says yea I know Jana, his wife, when to go get it. Haha 😂
then for third hour we had a combined meeting and it was in the chapel
and through the same door we had a squirrel that came into the chapel
so everyone had their feet up on the pews while a few men tried to get
the little guy but we lost him so we just assumed he made his way
out... haha you have to love the Yukon

Well that's about all I have for this week and I hope you all have a
good week this week

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

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