Monday, July 10, 2017

Whitehorse Fam 🙏 Week #64 7-10-17

So it's been another awesome week. Full of good times and hard work.
The weather here has been kinda rainy lately but I'm actually enjoying
it. Keeps it nice and cool.

So this week we had a couple of cool experiences, the first was we
were visiting former investigators and we say this lady on our list
that was street contacted into and nobody ever followed up. So we went
by her house and she wasn't home... we sat in the car looking for our
next visit and she rolled up, we awkwardly got out and said hi and we
started talking with her. She told us that she got on the "website"
and saw the word president and that scared her. She thought we were
some kind of organization and she didn't want that for her and her
kids. She wants something spiritual and oh boy did we get excited. We
taught her about Christ and how he is central to the gospel and this
plan. She loved our visit and the spirit was so strong. She is going
to start taking the lessons and I'm super excited for her and her
kids. She is an awesome lady. The other thing that makes this really
cool is that me and Elder Anderson fasted for somebody new that we
could start teaching. The Lord came through in the clutch ;)

The second experience was yesterday.. we were out street contacting
before dinner and we ran into this guy who is a member and I guess is
traveling with a group of like 80 lds members that are on a tour based
out of Utah. And he told us to come to their devotional thing they
were having in a couple of hours. So after dinner we showed up and
when we walked in everyone got super excited haha we felt like
celebrities. Then they had us get up and we told them where we were
from and a little bit about the work here in the Yukon and then we did
a Q and A about our mission and we have a lot of cool facts that it
was super fun to talk about. The. We got to shake all their hands and
they were awesome. It was just a really cool experience.

Soo we had another lesson with Carrie and she is still doing so
awesome. I'm so grateful for her and the choices that she is making.
She has been a blessing in my life. She's still super excited to be
baptized on the 29th of July and so are we...

This week has been really good. Elder Anderson and I have a lot of
fun. He's  such a stud. So glad that he came out here. The work is
awesome and I'm really enjoying Canada haha

Well until next week, here are some photos that we took this week

Keep the faith

Elder Gentry

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