Monday, August 7, 2017

Juneau Bound 🌄 Week #68 8/07/2017

Sooo we had Transfers this week and the big new is that I'm going to
be transferred and I'm leaving the Beloved Country of Canada and
headed to serve in the Mount Juneau ward and the YSA Branch.

I'm super sad to leave Whitehorse, hah right when things were getting
good. I've thoroughly enjoyed serving with Elder Anderson, seriously
love that guy, but he's going to be training in Whitehorse so I'm
stoked for him. No one even knows how long it's been since they
trained out there. So he's going to be good, plus I'll get to see hi.
At zone Conferences and stuff.

I'm pumped for Juneau though. Such a pretty place and I'm serving with
Elder Hunter who is freakin sweet I served around him when I was in
Anchorage. So I'm excited for that.

I'm already here in Juneau, after church we drove down to Skagway and
then we got on a ferry and got into Juneau last night so I'm already
unpacked and just enjoying my first p day in Juneau. Life is good and
I'm happy.

A lot went on this last week basically just getting a lot of work down
and now Elder Anderson will be taking over the area. Sunday I got to
say good bye to the members and that was awesome crazy to see how
close you can get to some people. One family I won't forget are the
tanners they are awesome, remind me a lot of my dads side of the
family super fun and easy going. They made Whitehorse a party.

Anyway not to much else is happening so I'll just send some pics. I
hope you guys are all having a sick week and a better one to come.

Love always

Elder Kayden M. Gentry

Alaska Anchorage Mission

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